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If you're searching for a top-notch 5-inch flying platform that perfectly balances flight performance and durability, you've come to the right place. We've spent 1.5 years refining this platform, tackling numerous challenges along the way. This frame boasts all the subtle details that make a significant difference, which enthusiasts will appreciate during flights.

Everything is custom-made and of the highest quality. We didn't compromise on costs, we created something we want to use ourselves.

Our Greatest Challenge

Ensuring ERA returns after crashes. FPV Freestyle is often flown in hazardous, abandoned places. No one wants to risk their life retrieving a €600 quadcopter from an old factory roof. However, we also live by the motto, "no quad left behind."

What Sets This Frame Apart?

The game-changer is the nylon camera cage. Unlike the common CNC aluminum camera cages, nylon is significantly lighter and more impact-resistant. It absorbs shocks without cracking or breaking, and its ability to deform under stress and then return to its original shape provides superior camera protection. After extensive testing of various nylon blends, we found the perfect one. Not a single nylon cage broke during our prototype phase (of the final material).
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Production Process

Producing each camera cage is labor-intensive. After receiving the injection mold cages, we conduct thorough quality checks with custom tools, install heat inserts and custom 7075 standoffs using specialized equipment and handle nearly every step by hand. Each frame/cage undergoes personal quality assurance.
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What Makes ERA Fly So Well?

For Freestyle flying, maneuverability is key, with the center of gravity being the most crucial factor. Placing the Action Cam close to the propline optimizes weight distribution. Additionally, the frame's minimalistic design plays a significant role. By keeping the frame as compact as possible, ERA ensures that unnecessary weight and bulk are minimized.
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Resonance Characteristics

Our unfiltered gyro graph exceeded our expectations, despite noise performance not being our primary focus. The interlock design creates a form fit with the arms, eliminating slop and generating outward-facing force into all arms. The bottom plate is under tension from the center screw, contributing to the frame's stiffness.

It feels like magic.


Our 2306.5 and 2208 motors are designed for freestyle enthusiasts. The bell design, with many spokes, protects against impacts. We offer two sizes to accommodate different setups: 2208 for heavy rigs (GoPro 9-12 and 1400mAh lipo) and 2306.5 for lightweight setups (DJI Action 2, Session 5).
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Props of Choice

For both heavy and lightweight setups, we recommend Gemfan F4S props for their durability, low vibration, and efficiency.

ESC and FC Recommendations

For ESCs, we recommend the following T-Motor models:

T-Motor Pro 3 ESC
T-Motor V50A SE ESC
T-Motor Velox V2 ESC

For flight controllers, the MPU6000 gyros are preferred, though costly. The Velox F7 SE, with its ICM-42688-P Gyro, is also a solid choice with our custom PID and filter tune. Recommended FCs include:

T-Motor F7 HD
T-Motor FC Pro
T-Motor Velox F7 SE

PID Tuning

Our PIDs and filters are optimized for the T-Motor FC Pro with T-Motor Pro 3 ESC and 2306.5 motors (on 6S voltage) with Gemfan F4S props (and DJI Action 2) and a 1050mAh 6S Tattu. They also work with the T-Motor V50A SE HD Stack and 2208 motors (on 6S voltage) with Gemfan F4S props (and GoPro Hero 10) and a 1400mAh 6S Tattu. Monitor motor temperatures in hot regions to determine if LP2 needs to be reactivated.
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In our experience, Tattu offers the highest quality cells:

Tattu 1050mAh V4 6S for lightweight setups
Tattu 1400mAh V5 6S for heavy setups


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Build Video

About Us

We are two passionate FPV enthusiasts who set out to create a frame that perfectly meets our needs. Flying primarily in abandoned factories in Germany, we needed a quad that could withstand heavy use while still delivering excellent flight characteristics.

We regularly share our flights on Instagram. Check out our profiles:

About the It's FPV Company

We founded this company ourselves, and ERA is our first product. We handle everything from product development and quality control to test flying and shipping the packages ourselves. This hands-on approach ensures that each kit meets our high standards for performance and quality.



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miromir237   7 days ago  

Looking good. I like 6" for heavier setups so it would be great to have this option.

RedFrog   25 days ago  

looks interesting - but the link ( does not seem to work

RedFrog   25 days ago 

haaa - obvious typo in the body text - works :)

itskenfpv   22 days ago 

fixed it! Thanks haha

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