El Niño (Hoverbot Nano)

By r1ptide64 on Apr 07, 2017

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My Hoverbot Nano (re)build.

45g dry
76g AUW w/ poor man's 650 mAh 2S LiPo (2x 1S batteries + jumper)
60g AUW w/ rich man's 300 mAh 2S LiPo

Props don't match the motors because the purple props I bought were just a hair too long and I didn't want to mess around with trimming them.

Using the heavier cloverleaf VTX because I fried the whip version I had trying to separate the boards to use a different FC that has a built-in OSD. So I'm using the cloverleaf version and a poor man's OSD (an LED and a resistor soldered to the FC's buzzer port).

Finished the build late last night, so no real flight performance to report yet apart from a successful hover test. My hope is that the poor man's 2S battery will give long flight times and indoor-friendly, smooth-but-limited power, and that the rich man's 2S battery will give shorter, zippy, modest-punch-packing power that will also work outdoors on non-windy days.

Awaiting new, matching props -- the three-blade DYS BN 2030s that are pretty popular for Hoverbot Nanos. And I'll likely replace the cloverleaf antenna with the whip from the fried VTx when this one inevitably breaks.



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morsha   May 30, 2017  

How did it go with the poor mans battery? I´m making my parts list at the moment and are looking for the good battery that gives me good flight time.

r1ptide64   May 30, 2017 

It went okay. It's kind of a hassle, though -- you need to solder a pigtail onto two tiny individual pins. I wouldn't strictly recommend going for the poor man's battery option, but I also wouldn't strictly recommend against it.

If you can spare $20-30 on some dedicated 500 mAh 2S batteries, you'll likely be happier. The poor man's battery is heavy, since there are parts of the individual batteries that are needlessly duplicated. So you'll likely get the same flight time with a dedicated 500 mAh 2S battery.

morsha   May 30, 2017 

How long do you fly with 300mah pack? Thanks for taking time to respond man!

r1ptide64   Jun 03, 2017 

I think about 4-5 minutes? Sorry, I don't really remember. This guy didn't get all that much flight time. I finished him just around the same time the weather started to turn, and I've been flying my 5" since.

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