Rekon FPV Y6

By Dave_C FPV on Mar 01, 2024

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Last year, I had a wild adventure at HGLRC's headquarters in Dongguan, China. Imagine a whirlwind of testing groundbreaking drone prototypes, sipping on Starbucks, and feasting on hot pot. In the midst of all this excitement, they threw a challenge my way: design a frame for their new AIO flight controller, which boasts six motor outputs. Having tinkered with my Flywoo Hexplorer into a Y6 configuration, I had a game plan ready.

The AIO's sizable footprint meant that opting for a 4" design wouldn't cut it. So, borrowing the motor and propeller setup from the Rekon 5 seemed like a clever move. And, boy, did it pay off! But let's be real, crafting a Y6 design was no walk in the park. The props were like overzealous party guests, always in the way, making it tricky to find homes for antennas and batteries.

Now, you might wonder, "What's the big deal with a Y6, aside from its head-turning looks?" Honestly, not a whole lot. But isn't the thrill of having cool gadgets the heart and soul of our hobby? However, there's one thing the Y6 excels at: carrying a GoPro like it's no big deal, thanks to those extra motors and props.

Designing this quad was all about balancing the GoPro's weight with a strategically placed battery. The result? A 5" quad that flies so smoothly, you'd hardly notice it's carrying a camera. Except for the noise – it's like a beast roaring, but let's just say that's part of its charm.

As a true Rekon product, it's kitted out with GPS and a high-output VTX for those long-range escapades. Excited? Mark your calendars for April 2024. This marvel will hit the shelves on the HGLRC and Rekon FPV websites. Get ready to meet the drone that combines style, performance, and a bit of noise into one unforgettable flying experience.



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LiPoFly   May 07, 2024  

FC? wiring diagram?

idiotsniff   Mar 27, 2024  

Be cool to see this in an X8 design. Looks super

Davidpe   Mar 19, 2024  

Another amazing David C creation!

kalyl   Mar 13, 2024  
mitchrdunn   Mar 04, 2024  

Big fan of your work and stoked for this new project. Look forward to some video!

wind_rapport   Mar 04, 2024  

Holy hell I may have to get one on release. KababFPV put out a video a couple years ago that got me really interested in a Y6. Carries speed super well, and am definitely interested in the flight feel vs an X formation. Great build! Any flight video anywhere?

Martin Flite   Mar 01, 2024  

Finally! I've been waiting for this, the new AIO FC for HEX is good news.

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