The Great Pumpkin

By sark on Apr 04, 2017

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Build Objectives:

A lean mean ORANGE machine! Charlie Brown best protect ya neck!

  1. Betaflight F3 Flight Controller: Designed from the ground up to rock all the features Betaflight has to offer. In addition the built-in PDB reduces overall stack height.

  2. Garuda 200 Frame: Falcon Multirotors has a dead sexy winner on their hands with this lil gem. A simple, clean and durable frame. I gave the TPU a touch of orange which multiplied the strength factor by a value of 20.

  3. TBS Bulletproof 25A BLHeli-S ESCs: Solid ESCs from the company we all love/hate. Caps have been removed so they can push the DSHOT600 protocol.. because FASTER! See this link for details.

  4. Armattan OOmph Motors: The new hype from a company with a solid reputation. These motors performed amazingly well on QuadMcFly's tests, ranking as one of the current top performing 2206 motors with improved efficiency over other contenders. I was also interested to try the prop securing system which replaces the standard lock nut with a screw based system.

  5. Runcam Swift 2: The latest version of the tried and true.. IN ORANGE..

Things of Note:

  • Garuda TPU canopy was dyed using RIT fabric dye. I used a custom mix of yellow and pink. The mixture was brought to temperature and left to boil 30-40 minutes. I then pulled it from the heat and left the TPU canopy to sit in the concoction overnight.

  • Skywire FPV Antennas are unfortunately no longer available

  • Moving receiver antennas to the base of the frame, as opposed to running them out the top was an idea i saw on FPVC. So far it's been great SUCCESS! I've not yet had to replace one from prop chop, and not noticed any negative impact regarding RSSI strength or distance.


Part List


Garuda 200 (24 builds)

Flight Controller

BetaflightF3 Flight Controller (3 builds)


4 x TBS Bulletproof 25A ESC (BLHELI-S)


4 x Armattan OOmph 2206/2300 KV Motor *Discontinued (23 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift 2 (198 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro V3 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter (152 builds)


Skywire FPV
See Site


FrSky XSR CPPM/S.Bus Receiver (35 builds)

HD Camera

RunCam 2 (7 builds)
Show stores (6)


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ThePanda   Apr 06, 2017  

Bad a$$ looking machine man I've been eyeing the garuda might just have to get one now

sark   Apr 07, 2017 

Thanks, I've really been enjoying flying this bird. Highly recommend! Cheers

quadfather_fpv   Apr 05, 2017  

Love the colors. If you like the Garuda you should try the Garuda Stretch.

sark   Apr 05, 2017 

lol, funny enough, i've actually been considering picking one up

Whiffles   Apr 04, 2017  

I like the colors!

sark   Apr 04, 2017 

Thanks Whiffles!

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