By daich on Feb 14, 2024

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not a cinewhoop...lightweight...O3 with no frame in view...2.5" micro? yes please!

My favourite micro quad size is the 2.5" - out of all my builds the heavy 2.5" form factor is hands down the best -- it's portable and has great freestyle flight characteristics. I hate the expression "flies like a 5 inch" because in reality, nothing does.

The Holodonata from craftedkwads is a straightforward and simple but proven design. The anodized cage is a super nice touch, designed to protect while being out of the view as well as being forward enough that the props also aren't visible.
It's a classic squashed X layout. Some may prefer separate arms but I like the weight savings of a single bottom plate although this one is extra beefy for a 2.5" at 3mm thick. In general, it's a solid frame. Much lighter than similar builds but when assembled it doesn't feel flimsy like many toothpick-esque builds.

Kai was nice to me and sold me a pre-production kit. I had to supply the m1.6 bolts for mounting the O3 and the m2 bolts for the camera and the motors. Hopefully these will be supplied in the final run as they are not very common. The m1.6 bolts are kind of specific and motors of this class are generally supplied to fit 2mm thick frames.

The guts (motors and flight controller) were taken from a geprc phantom HD from 3 years back and previously built into a skeleton naked digital toothpick which never took flight due to various issues.

The final weight is at 120g which I feel is a decent weight for tossability although my last build around that weight was with 1404 motors which has around 20% more stator volume. Only time will tell, watch this space.

will upload all flights to this playlist

Today it passed the living room hover test, yay. Now waiting for the lovely london weather to cooperate

27 June 2024
halfway through 2024...man I really need to get out more and fly


Part List



Flight Controller

GEP-20A-F4 AIO - GEPRC (2 builds)


4 x GEPRC GEP-GR1105 5000/6000kv Motor - GEPRC (4 builds)


HQProp T2.5X2X3V2S (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate (6 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI O3 Air Unit FPV Camera Module (12 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DJI O3 Air Unit Transmission Module (27 builds)

Misc Parts

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jpmche   Mar 13, 2024  

Nice build. I just bought the Holodonata. What do you think about using IFlight Xing2 1404 4600Kv Motors instead of your recommendation above? Any additional recommendations for BF?

CalRal   Mar 12, 2024  

Hi, great looking build! i just (finally) ordered my Holodonata! Do you recommend the motors you're running? How do you think it would do on 4S with 1404s? I'm considering the RCinpower SmooX 5000KV motors, but this will be my first build in this size class, so I'm unsure of what will fly the best. Thanks!

daich   Mar 12, 2024 

thanks. nice, you'll enjoy it. 1404 5000kv would do fine running on 4s with like a 450-550mah pack. really depends on your flying style though. I consider the 1404 on the beefier end for a 2.5" and starts to get on the heavier side like this build but for some some flying styles that is just perfect at a compromise for durability for tossability. This is a lightweight frame though so I think the 1404 would be just fine. the RCinpower motors are top grade too.

cherriesalveoli   Mar 03, 2024  


Jodie Froster   Feb 15, 2024  

So polished. Looks like something you would buy as a bind n fly from gep-rc. You runnin it on 3s? Any throttle modification in BF?
I love the way you are documenting this on youtube!

daich   Feb 19, 2024 

thanks, i maidened it on 3s but KV-wise it should sing with 4s and a shallower pitched prop. no throttle modifications yet, hopefully the lump at the bottom end will even out with shallower props.

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