V4 Quattro Spezilicious65 4 in 1 Micro Fpv Frame

By SpeziLover on Jan 07, 2024

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V4 Quattro Spezilicious65 4 in 1 Micro Fpv Frame

My latest and final version of my 65 Micro Fpv Frame, the Spezilicious Version 4 Quattro. For my latest version of the frame it was important to me to lose the dependency on the Betafpv Meteor65 Pro frame and function as an independent micro frame. The result is a carbon micro FPV frame that can be flown in four different versions. Since all versions have their highlights i have posted 4 builds with detailed information. But first, what are the general differences ?
from V3 to V4?

Check out the big brother with 45mm props here: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/31263

New Carbon base plate makes the difference

Everthing you have to know about the "old" V3 is here: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30955
The Spezilicious V3 is a pusher frame and has a carbon top plate that provides stability to all axles. However the carbon plate in the Spezilicious V4 now works as a base plate. This gives us the advantage to mount our motors full on the carbon plate. That's why plastic struts of the whoop frame are no longer needed. A benefit because by removing the struts we can generate significantly better airflow. Instead of the previous 6 struts per duct, as with most Whoops, we now only have the two carbon struts per duct. Because we still want to fly a whoop and not a naked frame, we still need ducts. I thought about making some by my own, but in my opinion the best material is PP of Betafpv’s whoop frames.

Thx to Izeman from austria. Without him this new project would be not possible.

I use the outer frame of a Betafpv Meteor65 Pro Frame (everthing of the frame can be removed). We just need the ducts and nothing more. This has the following benefit:

  • Separation between ducts and frame. (Quickly replace)
  • You can use damaged Meteor Pro Frames with broken struts for a Spezilicious V4 Pusher Build

Overall V4 highlights

  • Supports all Whoop Flight Controllers (not only X size Flight Controller)
  • low weight and 35mm props (my upright V4 weights 18.5g with 35mm props)
  • 4 ways to fly this frame
  • Reduced strut design. Improved airflow. Compared to other whoop frames which have 4-6 Struts per duct
  • Carbon
  • Switchable and individual sized lipo mounts

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Is V3 dead now?

No. Still racing the Lite V3. New carbon plate is approx. 1.2 g heavier. Although we no longer need a complete Meteor Pro frame, a build is still 0.8-1g heavier than a V3 pusher build. But this does not mean it is heavy. My upright version has a weight of 18.5g. But V4 simply covers other interests. It is a standalone frame that is intended to offer versatility.

All versions with detailed information:

V4 Quattro pusher : https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32015

V4 Quattro naked : https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32014

V4 Quattro upright : https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32016

V4 Quattro cinewhoop : https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32017

Kits will be available here: https://www.quadview.de/





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Rice_Bowl   Jan 12, 2024  

Very interesting updates! I actually really like how your pusher configuration reminds of those small cinewhoops such as the Pavo Pico or the Flywoo Flylens. As someone who has been searching for a way to not use the "fractal 65/76" approach (just have longer screws that pass through the duct and CF frame), your update is an eye opener! Great articles as always man! looking forward to more cool stuff from you

SpeziLover   Jan 12, 2024 

Thx man

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