Racing whoop 16.9g with custom lipomount

By SpeziLover on Oct 30, 2023

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Analog Racing whoop 16.9g with custom lipomount

This is one of my latest racing whoops. I wanted a new classic upright whoop with 31mm props and good Video signal quality. Probably not the lightest but I wanted a whoop with external vtx and not again another whoop with onboard vtx. Because i am flying a lot my Spezilicious whoops with Bonka 1s 300 mah lipos, cause they have a good C-Rating and are a little bit lighter than usual whoop sticks, i was thinking about using these Batterys also upright. It is similiar like my Spezilicious Lipo mount(more here ->

New Lipomount

I cut away the lipomount and place the new foldable liposlot under the flight controller and its bumper. The foldable lipomount is printed in TPU57D or Petg. It has struts that hold the lipo. We "fold" these struts around our battery and connect them to each other by fusing them with a soldering iron. You can find out more Details about this in the Thingiverse link below.

What is the benefit?

  • The Battery is closer (2-3mm) placed to the flight controller. Center of gravity becomes more compact.
  • Custom Lipo Mount. You can choose diffrent lipos like Bonka 1s 300, GNB 380 or 333mah xamp 420 for your 65mm meteor air, Meteor and Meteor Pro Frame.
  • Most of the Time i fly bonka 1s because they are about 0.2g lighter than usual whoop sticks and have more C-Rating

To be honest, I don't think you'll notice much of the effect of having the battery closer to the FC. In theory it should be an improvement. The main reason for me is to use more diffrent batterys. Especially with a Pro Frame and 35mm props, larger batteries like the good 380mah Gnb battery or the 333mah xamp 420 are very good to fly. But the slightly lighter Bonka 1s 300 compared to usual whoop sticks also performs very well with both the 31mm and 35mm props.


  • Flight controller without motor plugs
  • You have to cut the frame. The frame is now a little unstable compared to the stoke frame. I have no problems with my low weight setups. However i do not recommend to build heavy ones in this way.

Specs of the this whoop

  • Meteor Air Frame
  • Superbee Flight Controller
  • OVX300 Happymodel VTX
  • Custom low weight Vee Antenna
  • 0702 30.000kv Betafpv motors
  • Reny/Peek Motor Screws
  • 2 Blade Newbeedrone Props
  • Betafpv C03 Cam with Air Canopy
  • My custom Lipo Mount
  • Bonka 300mah 75C 1s Battery
    Weight without Battery: 16.94g

Weight with stripped Bonka 1s: 24.89g




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Rice_Bowl   Dec 01, 2023  

great build and even cleaner post! makes it really easy to read. I just want to ask if you like the Betafpv 0702 ball bearing motors cause I'm unsure if I they really hold up longer than the bushing types from both happymodel and betafpv

wind_rapport   Nov 01, 2023  

clean build, great photos, overall quality post. Nice!

SpeziLover   Nov 01, 2023 


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