2" carbonwhoop 3S 15A 8000KV 66g converted from 2.5" DarwinFPV TinyApe Freestyle

By Sugalime3D FPV on Sep 21, 2023

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This is a 2" prop 2-3S 66g carbonwhoop out of 2.5" DarwinFPV TinyApe Freestyle. 66 grams without battery

Criticism of the TinyApe Freestyle drone and solution
I don't think the design of the 2.5 inch DarwinFPV TinyApe Freestyle is particularly good. Because 2.5 inch propellers can touch the cam screws on the frame. They just designed the arms 2 mm too short. In order to make something usable out of it, I converted it into a cinewhoop with the help of prop guards.

Injection vs 3D print prop guards
The prop guards used are injection (cut out on the Meteor85 frame), so should be much more durable than 3d printed TPU prop guards that some use in toothpick to cinewhoop conversions.

True cinewhoop ! (If using it upside down or mount the battery below)
I use the battery above at the moment and use it as a carbonwhoop. I may transform it in the future complely into a cinewhoop.

Just use it upside down ! You just need to config Betaflight, reverse motor direction in the ESC, mount antenna upside down and remount the cam to get the right cam tilt... You can use the 3 srews on top to mount an action cam. Maybe you will need a bit longer srews for that...

But if you use the battery at the bottom, what's possible if you lift the mainboard with 2 mm spacers and use the strap slots in the bottom frame, you could theoretically easily place a Runcam Thumb Pro V2 on top. You can use the 4 srews on top to mount an action cam. Maybe you will need a bit longer srews for that...

Two colored prop guards
I use 2 colored prop guars, like this it is more easy to fly it VLOS if needed.

Part you need for this build/solution:

  • DarwinFPV TinyApe Freestyle drone (2-3S, 1103 motors 8000KV, AVTX 600mW, 15A ESC, ...)
  • Meteor85 frame (you can cut out the prop guards)
  • Titanium M1.6 5 mm screws to mount the prop guards. (You need longer srews than original which are 4 mm, you can also use 6 mm, but they are 0.5 to 0.2 mm oversized but fits also without touching the coils)
  • Titanium M2 6 mm screws to mount the props if the props are 5 mm
  • Flywoo Atomic 40mm UFL antenna 10mm tube and some glue to attach it to the original TPU antenna mount.
  • Gemfan 2023-3 or other 2 inch 2-3 bladed props if you use a 3S battery, 4-6 bladed might be an alternative if you just use a 2S battery.

More criticism: No 0° cam tilt possible!: Another thing I don't like about the frame design: I can't set the camera (Runcam Nano 4) to 0° because it touches the top of the frame. A minimum of 5-10° is only possible. Since I fly 3D I would actually like 0°. And if the camera touches the frame, a short circuit may occur, which is exactly why I stuck some tape between the camera and the frame. (The original cam has no case)

Have fun.
There may be videos about this in a few months.

Sugalime3D FPV



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