2” O3 Cinew (no hoops)

By daich on Sep 21, 2023

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**every brand and their grandmother are coming out with 85mm 2" cinewhoops
heres my take without the hoops

ever since fpv cameras went to nano size, 14mm across, 19mm micro frames kind of disappeared. I think this is the last of my old micro frame stash that can take 19mm cameras. Yes the o3 is 20mm I really squish it in there, especially since iflight used a TPU insert in these frames (it was a dumb move back then, but worked out in this case!)

the flight controller - JHEMCU GHF13A AIO - only has one full UART and one TX only for smart audio so I had to repurpose the LED pad as an RX for UART1 (UART2 I used for MSP OSD) Other than that, so far, after 3 packs seems to work brilliant.

on a brand new 450mah 70c CNHL battery I was getting enough sag so that on the last third of the battery a punch out, or a prop strike would cause the voltage to sag below the cut off for the O3 system, causing me to lose video. It's that bad. going to try some bigger cells to see if that helps with the sag. needless to say not have OSD also didn't help as I probably ran the battery down too much.

boring out the props with the 2mm prop tool from fpvcycle was tedious but the end product was perfect....the holes look stock and fit on the shaft so perfectly you don't need prop screws

Playlist of all DVR/Flight dumps of this frame



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DeyronUsa   Sep 21, 2023  

Ha! i had a similar idea. i was flying my pavo pico, yesterday, realized as long as there are ducts it feels like a whoop. And I think it flys well. so I am pulling out some old 2 inch frames and going to put something together this weekend. my goal is 70 grams.... wish me luck!

daich   Sep 27, 2023 

looking forward to your build post!

Martin Flite   Sep 21, 2023  

JHEMCU GHF13 AIO AIO FC has two full sets of UART. I think you missed to notice that the RX1 pad is right next to the motor 2 pad.

This AIO FC is very good for an F411 FC and I used it for a hexacopter.

daich   Sep 27, 2023 

oh my, you are 100% right!! totally missed that, thanks!

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