BAREBONES 130 3.5"

By volitant on Mar 29, 2017

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If you saw my last build, the minimalist 112, I took the components from that and put it on my frame from armattan productions (BareBones130), a 130mm 3mm at 17.6g which fits 3.5" props dual or triblade.

can easily swap the build across different frames with 20x20 stack just undo the 4 stack bolts and the 8 motors screws and swap, only takes 5 minutes.

Auw at 205g with xf power 850 4s/ 220g with infinity 850 4s
Dry weight at 121g




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CoralFPV   May 08, 2017  

Do you find those batteries consistently light? I've read that some people have them coming in over 100g. now im nervously waiting for mine to show up lol

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CoralFPV   May 11, 2017 

sorry! the xf.

volitant   May 11, 2017 

thats weird, mine only weigh 82g with xt30, which is light for an 850 4s, most other batts this size weigh 100-110g, maybe they have changed the cells? who knows haha

Quadlite   Jun 21, 2018 

Just a heads up. Airblade has some nice light batteries too. 77gram 700mah 4s 75c/150c with lots of punch. I believe their 850mah weigh 92 grams and their 1000mah weighs 112grams. All of those options are high c 4s and have a consistant weight. I've heard xf power batteries are light, but that they have lower specs than their labels claim. the mah on the xf cells tends to be MUCH lower than the rating and also they tend to lack punch. Airblade batteries are the lightest I could find that didnt sacrifice performance. These batteries are made for airblade by bonka and tattu, depending on the battery you choose. So they have a more consistant weight anf are of very high quality.

snootux   Mar 29, 2017  

Great job! I was waiting for this as i think i will make an almost identical build, this barebones 130 wins over the minimalist 128 and 112? 3.5" is worth it?

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snootux   Mar 30, 2017 

Good so I'll go for the barebones, it would be great if you can check my mockup build before I buy all

volitant   Mar 31, 2017 

no problem, will do!

snootux   Apr 04, 2017 

Thank you and keep with your amazing builds!

lazd   Mar 31, 2017  

Uhg those props always explode at the hub. Have you tried the ones from RTFQ?

volitant   Mar 31, 2017 

In flight or when crashing? I've only broke a couple from crashing into a tree so far but I'm not too concerned as they're so cheap, I haven't tried them from rtfq/militibros as I know the 30 pitch is way to shallow and will be far too slow for my liking, I like the design though wish it could be a 40-45 pitch

lazd   Apr 02, 2017 

In flight, for absolutely no reason... I thought I had some ESC issue because it would fall out of the sky, but it ended up just being exploding props. I also found them very hard to tune, and ended up throwing them all out. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I won't be trying them again.

volitant   Apr 02, 2017 

Thats weird, I haven't had any do that in flight, I'm using the glass fibre nylon ones and they're much better balanced than the ABS ones, the ones I use have GF-ROSS written on them

drmrb   Mar 30, 2017  

Looks great! Ordered your frame as a minimalist 128 upgrade. What triblade props do you use?

volitant   Mar 30, 2017 

Thanks pal, added them to the parts list

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