The two in one SpeziLicious 75

By SpeziLover on Jun 24, 2023

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This is the Spezilicious for 75 (80mm). If you do not know this project please check out my builds first:

Spezilicious 75
The spezilicious is a pusher conversion kit. We use the Betafpv Meteor pro frame with 45mm props and fly as pusher with carbon top plate.
This conversion has following advantages:

  • You can fly diffrent Flight Controllers in the Meteor Pro Frame. Not only cross Flight Controller.
  • 2s liposlot. In this case we fly the 45mm props with 2s lipos. The Set also includes 1s liposlots. A cleaner and better solution than rubber band or stuff like that.
  • Carbon top plate for flight perfomance
  • MAGIC: You can fly this whoop as a Freestyl ripper and also as a Cinewhoop (The Cinelicious)at the same time. It is plug play ! You need just 2min to switch the canopy. That is all.
  • The Cinelicious is a ultra small and silent Cinewhoop for Gopro lite

Basically, it has everything that makes the Spezilicious 65 what it is.
I have noticed that the combination of 1002 motors, 2s lipo and 2 blades 45mm is very powerful. My focus has been on getting the most potential out of the build for my expectations.
At first it was just a freestyler who was very convincing. However, I also love to fly small Cinewhoops. My smallest cinewhoop was a 65mm with Goprolite. This whoop flew on 2s, but not very well. It was more of a test of what is possible and what is not. With the knowledge from this test in past I mounted a Goprolite on the Spezilicious75 and had the expectation that this cinewhoop should fly well with 2s / 45mm props..... and I was not disappointed!

The Cinelicious
almost 4min flight time with 2s 333mah Mylipo battery and mounted gopro 6 lite, very good and solid flight performance, frame not in view, no Jello, 85g weight with battery and gopro, cheaper hardware than other cinewhoops, (lipo-->down to2s , motors --> 1002 is great, more flight controllers possible ---> most 1-2s Flight Controllers should work). Yes. Sounds a little unbelievable. I'll upload flight footage tomorrow so you can see for yourself.
Since we have a great Cinewhoop now what can we do more?

Most of the time you make two or even more builds when you feel a frame is good. A freestyler, maybe a Racer and theire are also diffrent Setups for Cinewhoops.
I thought about changing that. The Gopro is carried by the 1002 with 14.000kv. The motors don't even get close to getting hot. So why other motors? I used the whoop size holes in the top plate and started thinking about detachable gopro mounts. And again the stackable structure of the Spezilicious became important and helpful.

The new gopro plate
I designed a new plate for the gopro mount in whoop size. With FC bumpers, this is simply clamped into the stack. At the same time, we have a decoupling of the Gopro from potential oscillations that can be transmitted by the frame. So the same principle that many cinewhoops already have. Btw I supply the Gopro via the balancer plug of the 2s battery. Between the screw of the gopro mount we clamp a small mount for a Foxeerpico razer. It only takes one movement and we can take the plate and gopro mount out of the whole Spezilicious. The Pico Razer is only pressfit mounted. We can easily remove it.. After that we can attach our Spezilicious Canopy TPU and mount the Foxeer Pico.... and with that we switched from Cinewhoop to Freestyler. In less than 2 minutes.

Two in one
So that's the idea. One whoop for two purposes and all plug and play. The Spezilicious 75 is a cinewhoop on a very small size and a freestyler at the same time !

Thanks again to Izeman who made the top plate for me.
The color combination of black and orange is RC hangar15 wipment.

I hope you like my new idea. This frame kit will be available on my page and i think in a few german shops as well.

My setup:

  • Spezilicious 75 with Betafpv Meteor Pro Frame 75
  • old crazybee FR 1-3s (best should be a AIO Happymodel 2G4....)
  • TBS Nano unify
  • 1002 rcin 14.000kv 2s motors
  • Foxeer Pico Razer
  • Bi-blade Gemfan 45mm

Cya !




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wind_rapport   Jun 27, 2023  

Awesome build. You can really tell when you see a professional design - Keep these coming!

SpeziLover   Jun 27, 2023 

Glad u like it. Thx for this amazing feedback. Whoop is the way.

airrage   Jun 26, 2023  

Correction: this is a 80mm frame hence the "Pro". classic whoop frames 75mm only fit 40mm max. But very nice build! where did you get the cabron plate from.

SpeziLover   Jun 26, 2023 

That is correct. But the Betafpv Meteor Pro frame is marketed as 75. The carbon is made by a friend. The sets are available as described in the article.

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