BetaSnail 95X

By Earry509 on Jun 03, 2023

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This is a build for my favorite customer. He went full Walksnail recently and as soon as this new VTX was released, he had to have it. This was my creation with his budget!

When he transitioned to Walksnail he decided he wanted to stay with smaller quads, hence deciding on the BetaFPV Beta95X whoop frame! Its small, very durable, and lightweight! It also provides a wide availability of options for building style! we stuck with the traditional whoop style, and also for plenty of power decided on 4s.

The powertrain consists of the JHEMCU 35a GHF411 v1 AIO with RCInpower 1207 5000kv motors! RCInpower is creating some of the strongest and most reliable on the market currently, and these 1207 are super smooth! they feel great on this setup with a 2.5" prop! Plenty of torque for sure!
Now on to the full story! this build actually took me 4 different renditions, and i have to hugely thank my teammate and brother, James Stitzel! He is my 3d printing hero, and go to guy for all printed needs! However, this new walksnail vtx was a whole new beast to mount! I tried 4 different canopies over a 2 week tome period because of shipping times! (Sorry to the homie for delays!) But i finally found a canopy to work! Be sure to follow my link below to find JymmiPhreek printing services!!
ExpressLRS is pretty much the new popular and mostly used protocol now, and truly one of the most reliable as well! On this build i wanted to utilize an actual tuned antenna for some added range, although the ceramic tower antennas provide plenty! I chose the HappyModel EP1 and mounted it inside the top of the canopy, while the T antenna is clearly mounted to the top of the canopy! The canopy i found truly worked out perfectly! even the tube for the vtx antenna was the perfect length!
For the tuning we really had to dig deep and be patient, as the USB port on this flight controller actually puts the cord across the "duct" of motor #3! Motor direction was frankly hard to figure out, and took me more tries than i care to admit! Its actually running all default Pids and Rates, all i have done with tuning was flashed the ESC over to BlueJay .18, and enabled bidirectional DShot. I chose the filter preset labeled "Noisy build with rpm filtering". The 1207s are quite notchy motors and create a bit of heat! Be aware and set your filters accordingly!!!!

    Overall this was a fun build. The walksnail system is quite straightforward and simple in my opinion tonwork with! I do however feel its not as durable of a system as some of the analog and even more experienced digital systems, but CaddX is on the right track! I know the customer is going to be impressed with this build!



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