Meteor 75 Pro 1S HD - Walksnail Avatar - Moblite & Meteor75 Conversion

By wrong17 on Apr 27, 2023

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First Conversion: Moblite7 --> Meteor75 Pro

When I found out BetaFPV released the Meteor75 Pro, I bought one directly from them. The reason why I was so eager to try this new quad is because of the slightly larger props and the idea behind it is that you should get better efficiency. The best part of all is that most of the electronics remained the same. So, the means I should be able to switch all my electronics from the Moblite7 and Metero75 over to the new frame. The major differences are the motors, and newer version of the Walksnail Avatar 1S system. The motors are the same exact size, 1102 but now it is 22000kv instead of 18000kv. I found that very surprising because with the larger props, I thought the lower KV motors is better suited for it.

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Since you see this build log here, it pretty much sums up my thought on the Meteor75 Pro, it is a great upgrade from any 75mm size tinywhoop. I am not sure why they did not call it Meteor80 instead of Meteor75 Pro, because it no longer measures 75mm. To give you a better idea of the size difference, look at the image to the right. The tinywhoop in the middles is the Meteor75 and the two on either side is the Meteor75 Pro

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This is how the Moblite7 Walksnail 1S 75mm HD brushless whoop looks and weighs. The only mods that was made was the BT2.0 connector and 3 blade Gemfan props.

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The weight of the Mobula7 v4 75mm frame is 6.77g

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Here is the weight of the new BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro frame, 7.68g.

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These are all the items I removed from the Moblite7 that was NOT used. Looking back, I think the silicon dampeners might work fine. At first, I thought I was too long because it stuck out past the post, but I ended up doing the same thing with 2 of them instead. As for the antenna, that was just my preference, because the original one was a tad longer than what I needed. Finally, the spacers that go between the Walksnail Avatar 1s board and canopy. I guess I could have kept them because Metero75 Pro did not use any, so I left them out.

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I had to replace all items removed with these new parts.

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With everything swapped over, you end up with this and only gained less than 1g. Unlike the Metero75, the motors are soldered directly to the AIO board, but it was unnecessary to remove them because you can squeeze it through the frame. It will be a tight fit, but it is possible. I think I can make it a few grams lighter if I used the newest versions of the Walksnail Avatar 1s board and lite camera.

Second Conversion: Meteor75 --> Meteor75 Pro

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With the success of the first conversion and the back-and-forth comparison between the Meteor75 Pro and Meteor75. I was a no brainer to convert the Meteor75 to a Pro frame too. When I purchased the Meteor75 Pro BNF ELRS version, I also picked up a few extra frames, canopies, and props.

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Unfortunately, I did not lose any weight when I switched over to the Pro frame. I think the weight reduction is from the newer Walksnail Avatar 1s board and camera.

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My only complaint is the props. Once you bend them, they are done. Will it fly still, sure but you will start getting jello in your video when they are not perfectly straight.

Update (RCINPOWER GTS V3 1002 22000KV)
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Upgraded the motor to RCINPOWER GTS V3 1002 22000KV. Other than switching out the motors, and adjusting the motor direction, I did not make any tuning or rate changes. It flew great indoors but did not notice a big difference between the original 1102 18000kv motors, but with the extra KV, it feels a tad better than the HappyModel 1002 motors. If I had to compare the performance difference to the Happy Model 1002 20000kv and BetaFPV 1102 22000kv, these motors are somewhere in between the two. With out a doubt, the BetaFPV 1102 22000kv is the stronger motor, and is the motors I would recommend. Plus the weight difference between the 1102 and 1002 motors is only .4 gram per motors.

Update (AIO ESC Firmware 96khz)
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Make sure you update your AIO ESC firmware and change the PWM frequency from 48khz to 96khz to maximize your flight time. You can gain an extra 30 - 60 seconds of flight time. This only applies if you are running Bidirectional Dshot with RPM filtering.


Quick Test Flight

DVR Recording: Meteor75 Pro with 1102 18000kv motors
Betaflight Preset Tune - UAV Tech

DVR Recording: Meteor75 Pro with 1102 22000kv motors
Stock Tune



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vilisseranen   Oct 23, 2023  

Nice build! I have a question regarding your ESCs, they are rated for 5A but the rcinpower 1002 can pull a lot more than that. Don't you risk burning them?

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