Safe and Quiet 2s Big Powerwhoop - Walksnail

By RecifeStargazer on Apr 09, 2023

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When i first thought about that, i wanted a park flyer, a classic good and efficient toothpick. But i'm too afraid of any accident involving other people. So i designed this to be as safer as possible.

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The recipe is pretty simple, pick a beta95x classic frame, 1103 7000kv motors, gemfan flash 2540, and a betafpv aio elrs 12A. On top of that i've put a walksnail lite v2 with a nano camera.

I could have used a linear antenna to save weight, but i like to fly in scraggles, so there's a need to deal with multipath issues. And also could used a lighter canopy, but i've found that this new betafpv hd micro canopy, when attached to the outer holes of the beta95x frame, greatly increases the overal rigidity.

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The last part was to design a antenna mounting to put inside the canopy, and a proper battery holder to replace that carbon fiber botton plate. I'll put some screws to secure it but its rock solid in place even without it.

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And the last touchs were to use nylon screws to fix the propellers, and add a foam stripe i had to add a aditional layer of safety.

It flies so quiet that when i'm in my bedroom and the quad is in the kitchen, i can barely hear it. Love it.

The final AUW for now is about 75 grams with a 2s 380mah. It gives me about 5:30 of flight time when cruising. With a betafpv 450mah 2s the time was about 7:20. And i'll test it with a gnb 2s 660 mah when it arrives, expect something about 10min.

Performance wise, with 2s 380 this delivers a LOT of fun, it feels like carrying no battery! So quick and responsive! That what i enjoyed most.

With the 450's you can definetely feel the extra weight but its pretty good to fly around cruising and exploring.

When the 660's arrives, i just hope that it don't feels like driving a bus.

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-Edit After experimenting with some motors i've found that was with betafpv 1103 11000kv + flash 2540-3 combo I've enjoyed it most. And saved about 5 grams between cables/motors and screws.



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MaydayFPV   May 08, 2023  

nice build!
do you have a flight video running those 1204 8000kv motors?
im running a 2" TKS rocket race frame with 1102 10000kv motors and im not happy with those ;D

Matt W   Apr 26, 2023  

That's light! Are the 1103s ok with 2.5" props? I have them on my Beta85 2", which comes in around the same weight. I also usually use GNB 850 60c 2s, so your 660 should be absolutely fine on the bigger props.

RecifeStargazer   May 03, 2023 

Its efficient regarding flight time but as i flown more, i've found that 1103 7000kv at 2s definitely feels underpowered. I switched for 1204 8000kv and the thing becames enjoyable, but still somewhat underpowered. When put a 1103 11000kv, it was like the thing came to life. Guess under that it should run at 3s.

Matt W   May 03, 2023 

Makes sense. My missus has a Cinelog25 with 2.5" props, obviously a lot heavier, and that was underpowered with 1104s. Flight time was terrible with 1404s so we settled on 1106 eventually (bit bigger than your 1204s) and that's the goldilocks size for that weight.

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