Meteor 65 Pro

By Darylk on Apr 04, 2023

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Update on 4/17 The NamelessrRC VTX was not up to expectations so it was repalced with a TBS unify nano pro32. At first I did the zip tie thing with the entenna again but then got an idea. Oh, and a new 3d printer caused a reprint on canopy. The idea was the toothpick mounting board. Yes less weight without but that weight is up high in the quad. However imporbable, it worked. Setting the TBS toothpick mounting board on top of the TPU for the canopy created JUST enough space. I have three packs on another quad I am bulding for my GF and nothng shorted. New printer is amazing and I may be listing these 98a hardness canopies on ebay. See images for cloeups. Why would anyone want to mount a board touching their FC? It makes the center of gravity much better. TBS puts a non conductive epoxy on their Nano pro32 boards and this epoxy is perfectly placed to make contact with the reactor on the jhemcu GSF420 FC. It props up the back a little and the front has just enough light visible to show no contacting on components. On the pink and purple thing in one of the photos (building for my GF) I used my last 0.4g vtx antenna and it mates with the canopy perfectly. 21 grams even after this mod but I think I can get some back with the light weight TBS antenna if I order more. That antenna fits on these canopies quite well with some electronics grade silicone. Flexible. too.

I live in a vacuum cleaner and dont use social media. Dont hear things like the meteror 65 pro has larger props than any other 65mm until year 3 of flying. Everything BetaFPV I bought on year one and on year two blew up upon applying power. Avoided the brand. As much as I like Fractal frames I kinda miss a traditional whoop. That and 35mm ducts on a fractal leaves like 11mm for a camera to fit within. Saw the new T-Motor M0802 and wanted to give them a try, went 22k kv aftter looking over the specs. Old Porches used to race in these "Gulf" colors. Its wet here until Friday when I will post video. JHEMCU GSF420 flight controller, runcam nano3 and a nameless rc VTX I had laying around. Went Mr Shutterbug for the canopy as it was easy to "bulkhead" it with the VTX and the antenna through the hole on the back side of the canopy. Its amazing how strong this canopy is once fastened. Priline TPU at 95A hardness may be the reason and the camera is a good fit too. Priline seems stronger than most TPU's in this color. Did the soldering outsside of the frame and forgot to photo.

Having a file is needed to fit this FC in this frame. Although its a cross style its wide nature will touch plastic on the corners. That and the usb port hits a bar of plastic one will need to file to about 1/2 original width. See upside down photo.



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Rice_Bowl   Jun 17, 2023  

after some time, did you have any durability issues with those motors? Do they also have C-clips on the top of the bell?

Mr_Stripes   Apr 14, 2023  

How are those motors?

Darylk   Apr 21, 2023 

The motors are amazing. Immediately comfortable. After two packs I was heading toward more risky moves. I flew in higher speed lapping and their control was great. After doing so I had a hard time aiming for gates. Tmotor has some amazing new 31mm props that I have on another quad. They are 0,22g ea I think. I feel they were meant to be paired with this motor. These top out just under 5a at 100% throttle so its easy to get carried away. Highly recommend a set.

Darylk   Apr 14, 2023  

My first time on 35mm props on this build so I am not with reference on that end however I think they are light and powerful so far. Feel smooth. I didnt fly enough to comment on stepping (need to fix crap video) but they did feel well balanced. I have two packs on so them far. I do remember noting the 22k looked like they pulled more than the 25k on paper. Let you know more tomorrow.

Jackie156   Apr 10, 2023  

Oh wow. It is attractive.

Mr_Stripes   Apr 06, 2023  

Love the 917k style livery

Jodie Froster   Apr 05, 2023  

That canopy print is sublime.

Darylk   Apr 06, 2023 

Hats off to MrShutterbug on the design of that canopy. Its amazingly strong. Extremely cute too

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