AOS 3.5 O3 6s sub 250g

By Jeremy257 on Mar 18, 2023

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This AOS build is the best sub 250g I've flown when compared to my 5". A bit better than my 3" vista build was. Great for freestyle. Not much else to say. If you want a sub 250g freestyle, this thing rips on 6s. AUW 247g Betaflight 4.4, Bluejay 18.1.



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MegaS   Nov 12, 2023  

Have you now installed the Speedybee AIO? How is it? I'm thinking about buying this one too

Micha   Sep 05, 2023  

what speed would this do ?

LiPoFly   Mar 21, 2023  

Good build. What is the weight of the drone without battery?

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Jeremy257   May 23, 2023 

I'm actually in the middle of updating mine slightly. I'm switching the AIO for the Speedybee. I put a Speedybee stack on my 5" and i really like the built in wifi Bluetooth. Tuning in the field so easily is awesome and using their AIO only adds a gram to my build.
I'll finish before the weekend and get you some videos. i think you'll find that the T-motors are actually going to give you more thrust. kv is important and the T-motors have about 16% higher kv than those 1804 motors. The T-motors were made specifically for 3.5" freestyle builds whereas i believe those 1804s were made for cinawhoops.

Jeremy257   Jun 10, 2023 

Apologies QuanDar. I will do my level best to re-assemble tomorrow. I've been really wrapped up with work recently and when I can fly it's been my F5 Split or my 65mm in the house.

QuanDar   Jun 20, 2023 

No worries :). I made already a new build with the t-motors. I notice almost no difference in the power between those motors. Maybe the rcinpower is a little stronger/ faster on 6s, but you really have to compare the footage multiple times. That said, my build is still arround 180 grams, about 3-4 grams lighter than the rcinpower build. 172 grams seems impossible for me. Maybe your scale weight is off? Or mine :P

Could only save about 0.5 grams if I made the power wire impossible short and 1.4-2grams with Ummagrip Lite instead of the regular version (it is now about 3g). The difference is to large, even if I do minus the tyraps which are like 0.10g each. Maybe maybe I can get it under 250 grams with if I shave 3 grams of it, but even then I probably will go over 250g with the GNB530mah battery. But I'm probably going to swap to walksnail in the future, then < 250g will be super easy.

I will redo the rcinpower build soon to make it way more cleaner with the experience i've gathered. Will make some videos this month + build on rotorbuilds.

edit: the tpu mount for the antenna is 4.2g. I'm just removing that one and everything will be fixed.

Madcatmike3d   Jun 07, 2023  

Nice build!! So in your opinion, the 1604 is a decent 3.5" motor?? I was just looking at them today, but could not find enough info on them. I want to run them on a 6s 3.5" 2fiddy. What do you think?

Jeremy257   Jun 10, 2023 

I think the 1604s on 6s for a 3.5" are great. I have not had an issue with them. They fly really nice with zesty thrust on 3520 props and they are quite aggressive with 3525 props.

Grizz   Apr 10, 2023  

I will assemble the model, but under the control of dji remote controller 2. And I cannot choose a flight controller, it is desirable that the speed controllers are mounted in the controller. can someone tell me??

Jeremy257   Apr 14, 2023 

Using an AIO (speed controllers mounted in the flight controller) reduces weight significantly. The motors used on a sub 250g build will not draw much current. The AIO handles it just fine. As you see, with the battery I am using I'm just a few grams under 250g. If you are not worried about that weight limit you could use a stack. GNB makes a 380mah 6S 90c battery which you could use to save weight there and use a stack to make the weight. I personally want as much amperage potential as I can get thus the largest 6S possible with the highest C rating. I have had no issues with the AIOs that I have put in my lightweight builds.

WoopWeep   Mar 27, 2023  

Have you had any issue with these motors? The shafts started spinning inside the bell on all 4 of my motors within about a week. I had a few normal crashes in grass and only one bell has a slight ding but I wouldn't expect the shaft to slip so easily.

Jeremy257   Mar 27, 2023 

interesting. I've had a few crashes but no real severe impacts yet. i have not experienced any issues with the motors. I've probably only got 25 packs on them. if i have issues I'll probably replace them with those 1804 rc inpower motors as they're just slightly heavier. I'm traveling for the next 3 weeks and the AOS is the only drone i took. fingers crossed.

DeyronUsa   Mar 21, 2023  

Ha, building the same, but with 1804, and 4s. mind sharing your cli, got the same GepRc 35amp, need the motors remapping. that flight controller is wacky inverted already. also GepRc said it was not good for 4.4, curious what you found that worms. thanks!

Jeremy257   Mar 22, 2023 

I just first flashed bluejay, now v19, (48 khz which is recommended by DJI for the O3) , then betaflight 4.4. I utilized the UAV Tech 3-4" preset on medium build quality with RPM filtering. Once you do this you'll need switch bidirectional dshot back on. I also used the 250hz ELRS preset. I've only got about 25 packs on it now. I need to do a little more refinement but it flies well. I'll message you my CLI.

Jeremy257   Mar 24, 2023 

I just looked into the 1804s. I found some RC Inpowers that are made for 6S that are only 12g with wires. Wow, wish I had realized. Still my T-motors with just the 3520 props I'm getting a 10:1 thrust to weight ratio. I definitely notice a boost using my 3525 props but it seems unnecessary.

toni903   Mar 19, 2023  

I found that for freestyle hqprops dont have inaf pitch and with all up weight around 250g strugle to pull out of dive. Defently sugest to try gemfan hurricane 3525 and emax avan 35

Jeremy257   Mar 19, 2023 

i have the HQ T3.5x2.5x3 props also. i haven't felt like i have had any issues with torque on the 2" pitch and I feel like they have more grip. Murders flies 3016 on his 240g build. it doesn't look like he's struggling. i like Gemfan props also but they are considerably heavier. Now that I've removed the BEC I've got the room to pick up a gram in props.

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