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By daich on Feb 07, 2023

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I promised myself to never buy another runcam split/caddx turtle almost four years ago. the compromise on both the feed side and the HD recording was just too much to bear, no matter how many improvements and revisions they made. Runcam split is up to 5 versions now? The Tarsier and the Runcam hybrid on the other hand are something else, as they are basically two cameras on one board so technically not the same.

Here I am breaking that promise again with DJI's take on it, fingers crossed they did it right. From the reviews I've seen it might be tolerable.

so this stack was taken from a flywoo explorer LR4 v2 digital. I picked it up used for a great deal and never flew it but thank goodness I took a dump of the config file.
so 2 really odd things about this stack. Motor 3 is assigned pin C09 and not E09. E09 is default in all the flywoo firmwares (both FlywooF745 & FlywooF745nano targets). So, needless to say, once I flashed 4.4 onto it, motor 3 stopped working.
When I found the 4.2.0 dump and updated motor 3 to C09 it STILL didn't work. so I went back to 4.2.0 (of course motor 3 had to be reassigned from E09 to C09) woila, all four motors work. SO... I tried 4.3 and it was the same as 4.4. So here is my dilemna -- I HAVE to run 4.3 or higher because of DJI-OSD canvas support but only 4.2 works as 4.3 and 4.4 doesn't work with Motor 3's output. I was stuck.

After doing lots of reading, it turns out in 4.3 instead of the usual dshot interrupts handled by hardware timers, they were using bitbang and flywoo seems to have chosen some lame non-standard pins so it couldn't address C09/motor 3. After using the command set dshotbitbang = off AND addressing motor 3 to C09 it WORKED! I'm so stoked. due to Flywoo lameness, I almost threw in the towel on this stack, which made me really sad because it is a dedicated digital stack that didn't have an analog OSD chip.

Anyhow, it's working! hovering nicely in the living room. Can't wait to give this one a go. Those xing x1204 are surprisingly smooth.

all flights on this quad

7th Feb 2023
Maiden flight done. Camera tilt is too high for me so I was running through branches instead of going over them. Gotta figure out that camera. Flies smooth and no wierd behaviours so I'm pretty happy with that. The maiden flight I had ISO and Shutter on Auto unfortunately so you can see the camera lagging abit when I'm transition from light to dark. I flew another pack with it locked but the fog cleared up a lot more as well so the lighting was better. My first impressions with O3? purely from a flying perspective, I still prefer the wide dynamic range of the vistas. but the footage that the O3 captures on the air unit is pretty impressive! so far a worthy compromise. I just wish I can fly at 120fps and shoot HD at 30fps and with different shutter/iso settings. But you can't have your cake and eat it too...unless you have a separate HD camera. So this is a perfect use for an O3 -- micros! 80% of gopro quality with so much less weight and fuss.

10 Feb 2023
basement tune done, flies much better!

10 April 2023
oh my, I didn't realise there was an ultra-wide setting. You have to drop down to 60fps to get to the frame is in view. so will need to do some adjusting for that

10 May 2023
this thing is so locked. too bad my batteries are all old and saggy



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Nikotttin   Mar 29, 2023  

thanks for the info about the motor!!!!!

mixadad   Mar 08, 2023  

Nice! It's so smart! The black screen will help you harmonize your eyes.

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