Tubular 8inch LongRange 3D printed Quad

By maximilian_pircher on Jan 26, 2023

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As an experienced long-range pilot who reached 100km in 2013, I decided to build a new 8" setup that would meet my mountain-surfing needs in the 5-10km range. I reached out to an old friend, Nic (eyefly), who is a genius at designing frames. He had previously been working on carbon fiber rod frames with 3D printed joints, and I was initially skeptical about their durability and stiffness for a larger 8" frame. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Nic provided me with his latest design, an 8" tubular quad using 10 and 8mm CFK tubes and 3D printed connectors in CF PETG and TPU mounting prints.

I received the tubes and cut them to length, then used two-component "UHU PLUS ENDFEST 300" to glue the base frame together. The end result was an extremely stiff and lightweight frame that exceeded my expectations. I continued to mount motors and components on the TPU mounting parts, which were fixed to the rods using zipties.

After flashing BF 4.4 with default settings, I took it for a test flight in calm wind conditions. The quad flew exceptionally well, but I could tell that after some fine-tuning, it would be an absolute beast.

Thank you Nic for helping me out on this one :)

You can find all information and files for the frame here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5812080
Discord with information and discussion : https://discord.gg/Fy6fkBGWNm
And a short flight video of one of the first testflights here:



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LynxFPV   Jun 10, 2023  

just purchased the 3008 1155kv T-motors , you seem to be the only one with them. how do you like the feel of how they fly?

maximilian_pircher   Oct 02, 2023 

very powerful, and extremely efficient

adv.andrei   Feb 13, 2023  

flight time ?

maximilian_pircher   May 03, 2023 

above 20 minutes in high wind conditions. its not a long flight quad. its a long range quad that can cope with high winds and speed.

Madcatmike3d   Feb 11, 2023  

Absolutely gorgeous footage, and such a cool build!! Thank you for sharing!!

maximilian_pircher   May 03, 2023 

great to hear :)

Rayz   Jan 29, 2023  

Very, very cool.

maximilian_pircher   Feb 06, 2023 

thank you :)

OpenSkeyeFPV   Jan 30, 2023  

Ive started my 8" build. glad to see someone bringing back tube frames!
3D parts are complete, CF tubes arrive in a couple days.
looking forward to the build!

maximilian_pircher   Feb 06, 2023 


butcher51   Feb 05, 2023  

Wow that's cool!

maximilian_pircher   Feb 06, 2023 

great that you like it!!

LynxFPV   Jan 27, 2023  

amazing build! definitely a build above the rest.

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LynxFPV   Jan 27, 2023 

Even more impressive. i was really wondering why every photo was showing the build on a beach. i also have to solder outside,small apartment life with family of 4.
i was thinking of sharing your build on DroneNation. not sure if you've heard of it? its an only community of like minded pilots. well its an app for FPV pilots lol. i think a bunch of people would find your build interesting

maximilian_pircher   Jan 27, 2023 

sure feel free

butcher51   Feb 06, 2023 

Now I understand :D I've seen the pictures and I was like wtf, who brings a desk to the beach to build a drone, it's so funny :D :D

miromir237   Jan 27, 2023  

Awesome beast.

maximilian_pircher   Jan 27, 2023 

thank you!

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