NoPro 6 inch LR cruiser

By GeKo_FPV on Jan 18, 2023

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The goal of this build was to focus on the quality footage you can get with the DJI O3 system for a long-range cruiser, while gaining the benefit of much lower weight as compared to a typical GoPro carrying build.

The target for me was to be able to run full size 6 inch props, while keeping weight as low as possible. LeDrone-Club's WU Tank micro freestyle frame seemed great for this with its 12x12 motor mounting and simplicity. For motors, the only real option seemed to be FPVcycle 23mm talls, since they are the largest 12x12 mounting platform motor and should be enough for the 'normal' pitch 6 inch props.

Putting this together was pretty simple, and without the GoPro there is a lot of room for a GPS above the O3 cam. The Cam itself was mounted using some old TPU, I think its from a GEPRC baby croc frame. Props are not in view, and it flies very smooth. It is also blisteringly fast with only 480-540g AUW.
480g AUW with 1300 mah 4s
540g AUW with 2000 mah 4s

Flight time will have to be tested when the weather is better, in the cold, at altitude, with wind etc.. the 1300 4s last only about 4 mins.

Maiden flight in the mountains:


Part List


WU TANK : Micro Freestyle FPV frame

Flight Controller

FPVCycle DarwinFPV Whoop Stack Flight Controller + 6S 45A ESC (4 builds)


4 x FPVCycle 23mm Tall Motor - 12x12 M2 Mount with M5 Prop Shaft (3 builds)


Ethix K2 Bubble Gum

FPV Transmitter

DJI O3 Air Unit Kit (w/ camera module & antennas) (14 builds)


RP3 ExpressLRS 2.4ghz Nano Receiver (3 builds)
See Site


Tattu FunFly 14.8V 4S 1300mAh 100C LiPo Battery - XT60 (8 builds)

Misc Parts

HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV Racing Drone
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Madcatmike3d   May 06, 2023  

Did you record this from the dvr? Or the o3 air unit? I finally just figured out that all my sd cards weren't fast enough to record 4k/60 with. This is beautiful looking. After having done this build, and getting this footage, are you happy with it? Or do you think you would prefer to do this flight with a heavier bird carrying a Gopro?? Thank you so much for sharing!

GeKo_FPV   Jul 11, 2023 

I am very happy with it. Weight is a big factor when you have to hike for hours to get to where you wanna go also :)
not having to take a gopro + usb charger is also a plus.
The footage in the video is all on board O3 air unit recording.
Gemfan F6030 props work better then these biblades though, smoother.

aboundingremember   Jun 28, 2023  

That look so nice

Junnicutt   Jan 23, 2023  

i got those same motors and have been looking for something like this to do with them. awesome job. what antennas are those for the rc link?

GeKo_FPV   Jan 23, 2023 

cheers! Those are truerc - one is a flat 2.4 dipole and one is a long 'bardpole'

Junnicutt   Feb 06, 2023 

Thanks, since you've now had some time to test it out any idea on specs like flight time and distance? I'm thinking about doing something similar (basically scaled up micro long range kind of vibe) with these motors...anything you'd do different next time? Does the dead cat layout cause any obvious issues on this build? I've always avoided it but here it seems to make sense. PS I cant remember if these motors had any of the fpvcycle desync issues... if so have you noticed anything?

GeKo_FPV   Apr 04, 2023 

So far all good! Have had 9-10 minute flights with 2000 mah 4s lipo packs, and 14 minute flights with a 4000 mah li-ion (the heavier samsung cells though).

Never had a desync with these motors. they run great on 5 inch and this 6 inch. Really love them, too bad they dont make them anymore, or rather the newer unibells are heavier.

LynxFPV   Jan 27, 2023  

how come you didn't go with the Fpvcycle 25mm imperial motors? on a 6" i would of thought a semi larger motor would of been more efficient to spin the 6" prop? i just asking for curiosity 😉
this build is very impressive

GeKo_FPV   Jan 31, 2023 

Thanks! It was just all about the weight for me. I knew these 2305 are more than enough for my 500g AUW 5 inch freestyle build. So I figured they would be suited for 6 inch cruising :-)
This lightweight frame also only accepts 12x12 motor mounting - which is what makes the 2305 so light compared to the larger fpvcycle imperial. It could be that the imperials are more efficient, but its hard to know if it would matter given that going to those would also require a much stronger frame and would probably add 70-80g to the dry weight.

and also to be very honest I got a bunch of these 2305 when they were 50% off on FPVcycle due to being replaced by unibell design :-)

Hazzelwood   Jan 31, 2023 

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LynxFPV   Jan 31, 2023 

awe I see i see. smart thinking.

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