Rekon 5 HD - DJI O3 - 2004 2600KV - 12 Minutes with 850mah 4s

By wrong17 on Dec 20, 2022

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Next up on my conversion list is the Rekon 5. This is my go-to quad that I would typically take with me on trips because it super quiet and capable of all flight conditions. Plus, the added GPS will give me sense of security because I would not get lost. This is a big deal especially when you are flying a new location. As for the noise level, that is one of the most important aspects of a travel quad because I do not want to deal with people complaining about drones near them. So, if they can not hear it then they cannot complain about it.

The last two O3 quads that I built had drastically change to the flight characteristics because the new air unit will replace the need to carry full-size GoPro. Depending on what GoPro you use, that would save you at least 140g from your AUW (All Up Weight). However, for the Rekon 5, the weight difference would be minimal, because I was using a Naked GoPro 7 Black and that only weighs 27g. To make a long story short, I was able to reduce the AUW from 347g to 325g with the 03 conversion. As you can see, that is only about 22g difference.

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Unfortunately, this was not just a simple swap. The FPV camera mount and antenna need to be changed. I guess I could of use the existing antenna mount, but it is not a “Chris Rosser” approved. In one of the videos Chris made about the AOS frames, he gave suggestions on how to reduce vibration and frame resonance. So, I thought I would be a good idea to use his idea about the antenna mount on this build too. So, I kept the antenna as short as possible and supported the end. I also ran in to another issue with the wiring for the GPS, it was too short. Since the iFlight GPS Module V2.0 is the same thing as the Matek M8Q-5883, with the exception of the cable being plug in the front instead of the back. I was able to do a simple swap between the 2 GPS and use the iFlight version instead.

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To make this conversion worth wild, I cannot have any props in view of the HD recording. To do this, I need to move the camera mount 16mm forward. If you look at the image to the right, you will see original camera mount in green and the extend version behind it.

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Typically, FPV cameras have a case and an external lens that sticks out. But the O3 system is a little different, the entire camera is 20mm wide, so the opening for the camera mount needs to be enlarged to accommodate the camera.

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The tune I started with is a preset called "SupaflyFPV Freestyle 5 inch" with RPM Filtering Enabled and using the 4S Lipo with No HD Cam option. After a few minor tweaks the quad flew well, but I might need to try a few different props because the Gemfan 5130 tri blades has a lot more thrust than what I would like. I even had to apply a Throttle Output Limit (95), along with Throttle MID (0.10) and EXPO (0.40).

More Info Soon.....

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Videos ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Test flight, then a random dog showed up (HD recording from O3 4K/60FPS)

12 minutes - Max flight time test with a Lumenier 850mah 4s 45C Lipo (HD recording from O3 4K/60FPS)



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GQ4Life   Jan 15, 2023  

thinking of putting O3 on my rekon5. but I'll do 2 long antennas. but even with current setup I want to do custom antenna gps mount to make antenna mount more rigid. I did add plastic before to brace it a lil. if I add o3 I think I have to move my receiver to the front. it's on top of Vista right now.

Mercurcio   Dec 31, 2022  

Hi, I'm thinking on rekon 5 with o3 - may you give me advice where I can find 3d printed parts for camera mount and antenna? or where I can find blue prints to make them myself? I try to google but find only camera mount with normal lenght. Thanks :)

wrong17   Dec 31, 2022 

Thanks for the reminder, I forgot to post the STL files. You can find them here:

Aurimas   Dec 27, 2022  

what pads did you use to power o3 air unit? 5v 2.5a not enought l think.

wrong17   Dec 27, 2022 

You are right 5v is not enough, you need at least 9v 2a. For my build the AIO board that I used had VBat for the air unit connector. If it was not VBat I would solder the power wire directly to the same spot you would put the battery cable and capacitor.

toni903   Dec 21, 2022  

Are you planing on bulding some smaller build or cinewhoop with o3?

wrong17   Dec 21, 2022 

I am thinking about it, but I will need to buy more O3 air units. Maybe sometime after the new year. Do you a suggestion on a good whoop to convert over?

toni903   Dec 21, 2022 

I am thinking some small cinewhoop 2/2.5/3 inch like new o3 cinerace but put 1204 5000kv, or hurricane 2". Maybe some of your 2.5" build or your favourite squirt:)

wrong17   Dec 21, 2022 

The only reason I would use a O3 on any quad is to replace the need for a HD camera. So, the squirt would be one of the last quad I would convert. :) I was thinking about the Hurrican 2 or 2.5. Recently I picked up a Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5", maybe I can use that?

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