TKS 75 mixed printed frame

By SpeziLover on Dec 02, 2022

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Another way to print frames using the TKS Frame as an example.
Back in the summer of 2021 I tested diffrent ways of printing micro frames.
The goal was to print a micro frame that was as strong and stable as possible with ordinary filaments. In my opinion nylon, carbonx filaments and stuff like that have the problem that they are expensive and/or difficult to print. So I thought about whether I could combine the filament properties of PLA, PETG with TPU or Soft PLA. And it works.

how is it done?

  1. Choose a 3d print frame
  2. Choose the filaments combination you want
    • Filament: What is working? My test have shown that following combinations works fine : Petg or asa on tpu or SOFTPLA on PLA or Pla on Softpla. Sandwich prints are difficult. Most of the time there is no good adhesion of TPU on PETG. But the adhesion of PETG on TPU is very good. only softpla-pla-softpla works as a "sandwich" print in my tests.
  3. In the slicer program, choose a layer for color changes in which you change the filament.
    • You can decide for example how much TPU should be printed in relation to PETG.
    • How many layers you print in one filament also depends on your print resolution. Therefore, no precise statement is possible here. In the PETG-TPU example, I like a ratio of around 5-15% TPU.
  4. The key is before the filament change takes place : rise the nozzle and bed temperatures abnormally high.
    example: PETG (Prusa) on TPU(Sainsmart):
    start with TPU
    65 degree bed
    220 degree nozzle
    2 Layers before filament change:
    Increase bed temperature to 100
    increase nozzle temperature to 220-240
    After tpu is printed:
    quick switch to PETG
    start printing PETG around 250-260 degrees (first layers hot as possible)
    Bed temperature still at 100 and leave it there
    print slowly with 10-30 mm / s

    I think MIXED PRINTS are a cool thing to try and experiment.

I created a video in German. The subtitles were lost. I will add the subtitles next days.

My tks remix and manual on thingiverse:
check out my insta:



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Jodie Froster   Dec 06, 2022  

I see a lot of updates to the frame, less diagonal bracing, more motor protection, more thiccness. What changes have you noticed, in flight, and in crashes? What is the weight difference?
Can't wait for pics of it built up!!

SpeziLover   Dec 07, 2022 

To be clear: These frames are by Trakusx This is only about mixed printing using the example of the TKS/TKS Echo frame. I only made a remix of the TKS with diagonal struts for testing purposes because I had the problem that the frame broke very quickly in PLA or PETG. These diagonal struts improve durability but affect airflow. Keep that in mind.

anticlick   Feb 12, 2023 

try Impact PLA by fiberlogy. I crash a lot and it,s still
holding on a 2inch tks racer build

Tarkusx   Jan 10, 2023  

Thanks for sharing it with us mate ! Im getting back on design and im in search to find some good idea and functionnal easy build for everyone . Btw i can confirm that your write up work flawlessly . Happy new year !!!! #2023 already

Jodie Froster   Dec 02, 2022  

Fantastic research! Thank you for posting the method you have developed here, I can't wait to try it!

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