SnapRing 2.5" HD Cinewhoop with Walksnail Avatar - 1204 Motors - 115g Dry Weight

By wrong17 on Dec 02, 2022

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This is my very first Walksnail Avatar build. The main reason why this system attracted my attention is that fact they support 1s quads. So, this video system perfect for a tiny whoop. Plus, Caddx had a special where you can get the goggles and Cinebot 30 at a discounted price. I removed the Avatar system from the Cinebot30 and installed it in this new build, the SnapRing.

The goal is to keep this quad nice and light because I will be using smaller motors, XING Nano 1204 4500kv. The camera mount was a prototype part that I remixed for the Hurricane 2.5 to fit a Caddx Nebula Pro camera, but I never used it because I went with a Nano size camera instead. To save as much weight as possible I used some hot glue and zip tie to secure the crossfire and vtx antenna to the frame.

The SnapRing frame was designed by Drone CO Productions, and it is based off the SnapShot frame. I had the option to buy just the prop guard plate to convert the SnapShot to a SnapRing, but I purchased the full frame instead. When ordering the frame you have a choice of m2 or m3. There is the only info they give about the 2 versions

“if you already have a snapshot Upgrade it with direct drop in full carbon bottom plate, or go sub250 with our m2 snapring full frame”

I assumed that the only difference between the two options was the hardware, M2 or M3. But I was WRONG!!!! As it sounds the hardware is different plus the M2 version carbon fiber frame is thinner. If I would have known this, I would have picked the M3 version because the price of both frames is the same price. Even with the thicker M3 versions it is not very stiff. Because I have the thinner frame that is why I wanted to build this quad as light as possible.

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A Caddx Vista is the same weight as the Walksnail Avatar with the micro camera so there is no weight saving there. As of now the quad weighs about 115g dry.

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Here is the quad with a GNB 720mah 4s lipo. I will do some test to see what kind of flight times I can get with that lipo.

There is a lot let to be done with this build. I started off with the UAV Tech Presets and it feels pretty good. But the power the weight ratio is a bit off. I wanted it to be underpower for indoor flights but right now it is way too fast with a 4s lipo. It does feel pretty good with a GNB 450mah 3s lipo.

Also, learning to setup and get the Walksnail Avatar system is work in progress too because the default setting kind of sucks. For example, the VTX is setup to 25mw and during the Maiden flight I was only able to fly about 3 house away before the video signal started to break up. I am getting better recieption when using 4 omni antennas because I am not always facing the direction of the quad. Kind of like all FPV system, there are channel setting that work better than others in your area. So I am going to see which channel works best for me.


HD video recording from the Walksnail Avatar

Same flight as above with from the Walksnail Avatar Goggle's DVR



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