75mm HDZero Whoop

By SeeWell on Nov 09, 2022

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My take on a HDZero 75mm whoop, flies really well and I'm happy to share my CLI or any tips on how to get the FC mounted on the bottom etc. Most of what I have done is inspired by the work of others and I simply choose the bits I like from each. For my own flying I use my MobThicc V3 build as the benchmark and to be honest this doesnt touch that for flight performance but it has HD which is awesome for obvious but completely different reasons.
Things of note:

  1. rotate frame 90 degrees from normal so the battery is toilet tanked and the usb port is accessible
  2. Mounting the FC on the bottom side of the frame but still above the battery tray helps with flight performance (I assume by centralizing the mass). The tiny motors and props don't have to work as hard and I found I could push the PID tune a bit more. If you hold the frame up to a light its very easy to see where the existing mounting holes are and start holes from the bottom to line up perfectly. Mr Shutterbug has a great video on how to mount an FC this way, the piece specific to the frame starts at about 12:50 here -> https://youtu.be/hufEk1cLG1c?t=768
  3. I personally love high kv on my whoops and use 25k on almost everything and spec props to get what I want out of them. In this case I settled on the Azi triblades because they bring back a bit of the agility lost from adding the extra weight and flight times are right in line with the gemfan biblades which are a fine option too but the quad feels like its sliding in the corners.
  4. An upgraded battery connection is noticeable to me on this heavier setup, less sag and more flight time. I like to solder mine up at a 90 deg angle so its clean when plugged in.
  5. Depending on what battery you use a tiny elastic to loop over the battery is approaching critical. I stole that idea from Heads at Infinity Loops and battery movement is just not a thing anymore for me no matter what size battery I am using.


Part List


HappyModel Moblite7 V4 Frame Replacement (2 builds)

Flight Controller

Superbee F4 Lite AIO Flight Controller ELRS/FRSKY for 1S Tiny Whoop (2 builds)


4 x HGLRC AEOLUS 0802 Brushless Motor (12000KV/17000KV / 22000KV / 25000KV) (3 builds)


NewBeeDrone Azi (Tri-Blade) Micro Propellers 40mm - 1.0mm Shaft (4CCW+4CW) (7 builds)

FPV Transmitter

HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle (2 builds)


GNB 550mah 1S 90C LiPo XT30 (2 builds)

Power Distribution

BetaFPV BT2.0 Power Connector (5 pairs)


TBS Tango 2 Pro - FPV RC Radio Drone Controller (106 builds)


Orqa FPV.One Pilot FPV Goggles (6 builds)

Misc Parts

Dyed Mobula6 HDZERO Tiny Whoop Canopy Limited Edition

Video Receiver

HDZero VRX Digital HD Receiver Module (7 builds)

Radio Module

ELRS Nano TX Module (10 builds)
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muchzill4   Dec 30, 2022  

Great job on the build. It's lovely and very neat!

It's sad to hear that we're not on par with MobThicc yet. Perhaps an AIO FC w/ hdzero in 2023? 😉

100% true on corner sliding. Call me tri-blade chauvinist, but I don't understand how one can like bi-blades on a whoop!

baggszilla   Dec 24, 2022  

Unbelievable!!! I love how you put this together! The AIO underneath is the perfect way! Cheers!

emsee   Dec 02, 2022  

Hey SeeWell nice build, I just built a super similar 75mm but I had to use the Mobula7 v2 frame because the v4 couldn't fit both my BetaFPV AIO (which has a square ELRS antenna...) and HDZero whoop lite board, it was just too tall on the v2 ... never thought of mounting it below the frame like this! So happy I saw this build, I'm gonna switch it over to my v4 frame (even though its a bit heavier, it just feels better). It flies well, and is super light (only 1g more than my 65mm Mobula6 HDZero) but that v2 frame... ugh... its like silly putty.
Using 40mm biblades on mine right now, but yea, definitely thinking of swapping back to tri-blades (which I put on my 65mm M6, what a difference!!) .. I'm still using 19500kv motors though (and getting crazy times!!) did you try the lower KV 19k's on this build before settling for 25k?
Also, I noticed you used BT2.0 connectors, love how you made that 90 degree angle on the connector, clever... I use BT2.0 for my 65mm builds (with Tattu 300mAh BT2.0 batteries which you can actually buy) but the bigger 450mAh batteries only come from BetaFPV (hate their batteries) you swapped the connector on all your batteries from XT30 to BT2.0 yourself? Seems like a lot of work... I went GNB27 instead, at least you can buy those....

Sasuke2690   Dec 01, 2022  

That is stunning! Please keep adding more similar topics, I will keep an eye on your posts in the future
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