Nemi (Nemicopterus) 75mm 1s Nano Quad

By SeveSch FPV on Nov 11, 2022

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Nemicopterus 75mm Frame

Named from Nemicolopterus is a genus of tapejaromorph pterosaur, based on a very small specimen described as the smallest known "adult" pterosaur to date. It lived in the Jehol Biota 120 million years ago.

Frame: Nemi 75mm, 2mm thick CFK, by SeveSch FPV (PM me for availability)
AIO: F4 1S 5A AIO Brushless Flight Controller (ELRS 2.4G)
Motors: Happymodel SE0802 25000KV
Props: Gemfan 1610, 40mm
Battery: GNB 1S 660mAh 90c/180c
Camera: Foxeer Pico Razer
Canopy: NewBeeDrone BeeBrain V2
VTX: Eachine NANO V2 5.8GHz up to 400mW

Alt Tag

Alt TagI have designed this frame that is as light as possible and very durable.
The width under the quad is chosen so that a TBS Crossfire Nano fits inside.
However, I have built all quadcopters with elrs

Alt TagThe Nemi 75mm frame fits various motor plugs of the FC

Alt TagAfter some crashes I decided to solder the motor cables directly to the AIO

Alt TagRemoving the connectors reduces the weight by 0.8g

Alt Tag

Alt TagSome components of the quad have been broken, but the frame was never damaged

Alt TagI have secured the ELRS ceramic antenna with adhesive

Alt TagTPU print for arm protection

Alt TagThe electronics is protected against water with waterproof coating

The frame set contains:

  • Nemi 75mm carbon fiber frame
  • 5 TPU arm protection 3D prints (one spare)
  • Newbeedrone canopy
  • 3x M2x10mm titanium screws
  • 1x M2x12mm titanium screws (canopy front)
  • 4x M2 lock nuts
  • 2 battery rubber band

If you are interested in buying a Nemicopterus Nano quad BNF or a frame kit send me a pm.

Update spring 2023:
VTX: HGLRC Zeus nano VTX 350mW 16x16 20x20 25.5x25.5 mm
Battery: GAONENG GNB LiHV 1S 3.8V 550mAh 100C PH2.0 Cabled LiPo Battery


Part List

Flight Controller

CrossF4 ELRS 2.4G AIO Flight Controller By Happymodel (3 builds)
See Site

Flight Controller

BETAFPV F4 1S 5A AIO Bürstenlosen Flight Controller (ELRS 2,4G) (2 builds)


4 x Happymodel EX0802 14000KV 19000KV 25000KV 1 2S Bürstenlosen Motor für RC FPV Racing Freestyle Mobula6 HD Tinywhoop Drohnen (5 builds)


4 x RCINPOWER GTS V3 1002 22000KV FPV Drone Motor - Choose Color (2 builds)


24 stücke/12 paar Gemfan 1610 40MM 2 Klinge 1mm 1,5mm PC Micro Whoop Propeller für FPV RC Tinywhoop 75mm Drone Moblite7 1102 0

FPV Camera

Foxeer Pico Razer 1200TVL 12*12mm Mini FPV Kamera CMOS 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL 3,8 V 16V für RC Racing Drone

FPV Camera

Caddx Ant Lite 4:3 FPV Camera - FPVCycle Edition (68 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine NANO V2 VTX 5,8 GHz 48CH 25/ 100/200/400mW Umschaltbar FPV Sender Unterstützung OSD/pitmode/IRC Tramp für RC Drone

FPV Transmitter

NEUE HGLRC Zeus nano VTX 350mW FPV 5,8G 2,4g 40CH Gebaut in Mikrofon 16/20/25,5mm Loch Für RC FPV Sender VTX Multicopter (3 builds)


1 10Pcs Gaoneng GNB 660mAh 3,8 V 1S 90C/180C HV 4,35 V Lipo Batterie mit PH 2,0 Stecker Für Emax Tinyhawk König Kong Ldarc TIN




TBS Tango 2 PRO FPV RC Radio Controller (99 builds)


DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles (140 builds)

Misc Parts

NewBeeDrone BeeBrain V2 Kamera Montieren Abdeckung Halterung Befestigt Sitz 20 Grad für Alle BeeEye Version Cam Tinywhoop Balda

Misc Parts

ISO 7045 M2 Titan schraube M2x3 M2x4 M2x5 M2x6 M2x8 M2x10 M2x12 M2x14 M2x16 M2x18 M2x20 Pan Kopf PHIL Fahrer ti GR2 Poliert

Misc Parts

GR2 Reinem Titan Hex Muttern DIN934 M 1,6 M2 M 2,5 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10

Video Receiver

FuriousFPV True-D V3.6 5.8G 40CH Diversity Receiver System For Fatshark Dominator Goggles RC Drone

Radio Module

HappyModel ES24TX Slim Pro ELRS 2.4GHz RC Transmitter Module (7 builds)

Battery Charger

NEUE VIFLY WhoopStor 6 Ports 1S Whoop Batterie Lagerung Ladegerät und Entlader BT 2,0 und PH 2,0 Kompatibel (neue Version)

Soldering Iron

Original TS80P Löten Eisen Elektrische MiNi Smart Programmierbare Thermostat Led anzeige USB Rollenmaschinenlinie Typc PD 2,0 L


Torvol Quad PITSTOP PRO Backpack - Black & Green (15 builds)

Misc Supplies

58x36x25mm CNC Abnehmbare Aluminium Fall für DJI Brille Analog Adapter

Misc Supplies

Adapter Langlebige 5V 3A 5,8G RX PORT 3,0 Empfänger Modul Zubehör Einfach Verwenden Analog Kleine Tragbare Für DJI FPV Brille
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tssmaster   Aug 14, 2023  

is it possible to to only get the frame for a custom build

Show 2 more comments
SeveSch FPV   Aug 15, 2023 

@marpir I do not know what you want exactly.

tssmaster   Aug 15, 2023 

i only have a crossfire nano i dont have ELRS can i use it for this build and witch one of the flight controllers support Crossfire
i want to upgrade my old brushed quad to this quad

SeveSch FPV   Aug 16, 2023 

As a flight controller you can use the Happymodel CrossF4 ELRS. There you can solder VTX and Crossfire.
I have designed the Nemi Frame so that the CRSF Nano fits exactly in the Frame.
I m working on making my frame available on

Robvm127   Jun 14, 2023  

so how much for a built one?

SeveSch FPV   Jun 22, 2023 

I send you a DM

JuJu14   Jan 07, 2023  

love it
how can i get one ?

SeveSch FPV   Jan 08, 2023 

Thanks, I can send you a BNF or a DIY kit.
PM me

Sugalime3D FPV   Jan 04, 2023  

Cool dude ! These smallest carbon frames are very rare on the market in my opinion. Yours (1.57") is something between a Mobeetle6 as a toothpick (1.22" props) and a Twiglet Mini (2" props).

SeveSch FPV   Jan 04, 2023 

Thanks a lot
This nano quad is a rocket and flies like a big 5".
I am still testing and optimising.

pleadtank   Jan 02, 2023  

I used some adhesive to hold the ELRS ceramic antenna in place.

SeveSch FPV   Jan 04, 2023 

Which adhesive did you use?

Blacknight1227   Dec 04, 2022  

How can I get one of these?

SeveSch FPV   Dec 05, 2022 

I'll send you a frame so you can build it yourself or I'll build you a complete quad.
PM me

dafunk   Dec 11, 2022 

An adorable little dino is about to get adopted❤️

Jackal   Nov 28, 2022  

"I have secured the ELRS ceramic antenna with adhesive"
"adhesive" means: "Heissleim"?

SeveSch FPV   Nov 29, 2022 

I use a more flexible adhesive like Uhu Kraftkleber or maybe liquid electrical tape is a better solution.

Jackal   Nov 29, 2022 


Jackal   Nov 28, 2022  

Love it!

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