HDZero 2s Toothpick

By Sunol FPV on Sep 29, 2022

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Wanted to try out the Flywoo Goku Versatile F405 AIO on a 2s HDZero build. So hard to find a good 1-2s FC.
The Goku is expensive, but 6 UARTS and built in UART-based ELRS. Pads are relatively large for a Whoop board. Easy to work with.
Negatives for me is that I haven't been able to load Bluejay - so no Bidirectional DShot. (update - latest version of esc-configurator allows you to flash Bluejay!) Wiring diagram could be easier to read/easier to find on their website.

Had to trim a tab off of the FPVCycle toothpick frame for the USB plug. This is the 2mm frame. Hard to get as they never seem to be in stock.

The Mobula6 canopy is perfect for the Nano Lite HDZero camera. It's lightweight and adjustable, yet stiff. No jello. You need to drill the holes out SLIGHTLY larger to fit M2 stack screws.

Short video from HDZero Goggle DVR -



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MelissaBecker   Oct 18, 2022  

What is the total weight of this unit, please? I'm concerned the weight will be too much for the canopy. and power source geometry dash

Sunol FPV   Oct 18, 2022 

See reply to scirocco below, but ~55 grams or ~85 grams with 525mAh battery. No problem for mobula6 canopy.

scirocco   Oct 02, 2022  

Hi how about weight of this setup? I worry it is to heavy for this skinny canopy? plus battery....

Sunol FPV   Oct 02, 2022 

Just uploaded a couple of pictures on the scale. ~55 grams or ~85 grams with 525mAh battery.
The canopy is a hard plastic. Maybe ABS? It is much tougher than what I could print at home with PLA and worth the ~$4 to purchase. I think the weakest point might be from drilling out the holes slightly. That said, I use this canopy on all my toothpicks now and have never broken one after several crashes.
The only thing I have physically broken was when using thinner 1.5mm thick arms on a previous build. I think the 1.5mm is ok for a lighter 1s build, but too fragile for a 2s build. I try to use 2mm on 2s whenever I can.

scirocco   Oct 02, 2022 

Yea... I am using Crux3 canopy bcus very light and fit for ANT camera! Perfect for light build until 45 gramm plus 20gramm battery.... over that? big risk 80+ gramm I prefere 3D print canopy..... but depends on crush... what and how happen it?
I am using very light frame 1,5mm thick... 2" = 4gramm 2,5" = 6gramm.... Twiglet...
For 3"? minimum 2,5mm or 3mm tick frame!! depends on 1S/2S/3S ?
good luck!

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