Spark v3.1

By Chrswn on Aug 03, 2022

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The canopy :
I've updated the canopies with a design that requires little/no support. To get the dual colors, I swap the color of the TPU after 2-3 layers. I've even had success printing the first layer with PLA and then switching to TPU. There's a version for 12mm lesnses (runcam nano 2, eos2, etc) and 10mm lenses (whoop style cam, caddx ant, etc). I also made a 35-40 degree and a 45-50 degree version for each canopy.

The frame:
I've made a change to how I print my frames. I've found the best results to be printing with 4 walls all the way around and turn the cooling fan off. This made a big different in layer adhesion (i'm sure many already knew this). I did try putting a box over fnished prints and turning the bed to 100degrees to help cure the PLA, but I didn't see any improvment with stiffness or rigitidty. Plus, I accidently warped a few frames when trying to cure them.



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BaTTaN   Sep 23, 2022  

I have yet to do a fully printed frame build but noticed your build a while back and and I have saved one of your older versions in my print queue to build one up using surplus parts. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a frame with only the four hole motor mounting and no three hole mounting option. I ask only becuase I have had multiple builds break at the motor mounts that have all had the multi-hole motor mounting options?

Chrswn   Sep 24, 2022 

I think its funny that you mention this because I was thinking about it on the way home from work just a few days ago. I'll include a link to a 4 hole version that I made, but I have yet to test. I had contemplated make a version with only 3 (maybe only 2) holes since I never use all 4 screws to mount my motors. However, for now, here's a simple 4 hole version.

BaTTaN   Sep 24, 2022 

You rock man, Thanks! Yeah I plan to build one up and willl use larger 4 hole mounted motors. I've had three or four frames break that had the multi-mount option and really appreciate your efforts here. I’ve two builds in front of the Spark but will be sure to add it here as well as Thingyverse.

BUDLoNG   Aug 04, 2022  

do the printed frames get mushy after a while?

Chrswn   Aug 04, 2022 

no, i havent experienced any changes in rigidity or stiffness over time. i do notice slight changes on stiffness between flying on very hot summer days compared to very cold winter days.

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