Adventures of the madly overpowered & unhinged 6s 3" Digital Toothpick..

By BigBeard.fpv on Jun 30, 2022

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Still not sure what the H*ll to call it...but maybe Weaksauce will be the final name....haha

So I've always wanted to build a 3" toothpick because of how nimble and unoffensive they are just about anywhere. For the longest I've avoided it for any number of reasons including fears of getting no usable social media footage , analog video interference, the difficult build tolerances and tight space, and the myriad of YT videos with toothpicks breaking into sawdust on small crashes.....

Then there entered this mighty toothpick frame as a collab between Daddy loves Quads and Mamba FPV, and it boasts an impressive 6mm thick solid bottom plate. (Dayyy**m she's thick)
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While this would typically be way too much, I figured with my 1607 6s motors sitting around from a cinewhoop I almost never fly, and a crazy deal where I grabbed 6s 450mah CNHL lipos for $5 a piece, I decided to dive the H*ll in. Why not....why the fk not.... so legggggoooooo

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PS. When the fk did AIOs skyrocket? I mean the average price for a decent AIO is like 80-90USD now. It was in the 50-60 range a year or two ago it felt like...

Build Components:
FRAME: So far I have the Frame ASBO X from here: ASBO X – Daddy Loves Quads (
MOTORS: I have these Apex Toucan 1607 Motors which put out 930 grams of thrust on 3x3x3 props (purchased from Pyro but they no longer carry them): APEX TOUCAN 1607 1.5MM SHAFT |
FC/ESC: I just purchased the HGLRC ZEUS25 F722 AIO : HGLRC Zeus25 F722 3-6S V2 AIO Flight Controller w/ BLHeli_S ESC (
VTX: I'll be running a Caddx Vista with nebula pro cam I have sitting in the cinewhoop I never fly: Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit 720p/120fps Low Latency HD Digital System F (
RECEIVER: I'll be running a TBS Crossfire Nano : TBS Crossfire Nano RX FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (
MICRO T for RECIEVER: I purchased this lil micro T antenna for it from pyro: Pyrodrone Micro-T 915MHz RX Antenna for TBS Crossfire NANO RX

I should be around 230g AUW with 3700g of thrust so 16:1 thrust to weight ratio.. thats mad
Frame and TPU - 30g
Apex 1607 motors - 65.2g (16.3*4)
CAddx Vista nebula pro - 35.5g (29.5 unit + 6g camera +cable)
CNHL 450 6s - 85g
Gemfan props - 4.72g

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Update: the 6s lipos I received are actually 4s lipos ugh. I now have to go through the whole return process to get that sorted out unfortunately. Minus the lipo though, I'm at 153g all in so so I should hit 237 almost on the head with lipo. I still haven't fully attached the canopy as I need access to the crossfire nano to bind, and then I need to finish setting up the ports etc with betaflight.

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Finally got around to snapping a few more images for this build.. can't wait to maiden it tomorrow...

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DigitalLover   Oct 10, 2022  

Thanks for sharing, I going to build my, I have a spare Axis 2004 3750kv and Ovonic 850 4s, I think it a bit overkill too, but this kit alredy overkill, why not. You color mixed is perfect too.

BigBeard.fpv   Oct 15, 2022 

its an amazing kit and so fun to fly! follow me on IG and tag me in your build and ill repost it as well ! Bigbeardfpv on

airrage   Oct 04, 2022  

did you ever got the chance to fly this bullet

BigBeard.fpv   Oct 04, 2022 

i did and love it !! my favorite micro to fly right now

BigBeard.fpv   Oct 04, 2022 

you can see my full review on my IG

AVGVSTVS   Jul 07, 2022  

Nice build! I like the color scheme, similar to my 4" Though I can't imagine that build will be unoffensive!!
Are you running a cap? Like 50v 600uf minimum? Those motors have similar stator volume to what I run on my 5" 430g auw, you'll likely get a lot of noise in the system from those big motors and little board. A TVS diode would be helpful too considering you're on 6s, but im looking forward to dvr when you get your batts! I decided to build an analog 1s 3" and was immediately annoyed with a bad vtx causing poor signal. Oh well, new one on the way..

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AVGVSTVS   Jul 10, 2022 

Any updates? How's she fly?

BigBeard.fpv   Jul 10, 2022 

it has been pouring on the east coast the last 3 days. im hoping i can get it out tomorrow and fly

BigBeard.fpv   Oct 04, 2022 

shes a little monster !! i posted reviews on my instagram @

Madcatmike3d   Jul 05, 2022  

This whole setup is dope! I'd love to see some dvr!

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Madcatmike3d   Jul 14, 2022 

Hey, could you please tell me what brand/color Tpu that is?? It looks really cool.

BigBeard.fpv   Jul 14, 2022 

i think it is leoplas orange

Madcatmike3d   Jul 22, 2022 

Ah man, It is one of the best looking orange tpu I've seen. I was trying to track down this shade of orange. Sainsmart used to carry a color called Coral, that looked similar.. But it's nowhere to be found..

I apopogize for being annoying man.. I just found the Amazon page. There are two orange tpu filaments from Leoplas. There is the Clear Orange, and Orange. Is there any way you could check if it says which orange it is on the spool? I would just buy both, but everything is so damn expensive! No worries if you don't get a chance to do it. This whole build inspires the hell out of me.

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