Naked DigiPick

By Nikotttin on Jun 14, 2022

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This is my first digital toothpick... and it flies absolutely fantastic! It's that quad that you always take because you're being drawn to it all the time... This is likely the best quad I ever built. A blast and a joy and so much more

**The build:

I have burned my 1204 5000kv motors sing a 1100 mAh 4s and some pitchy Avan 3" props. But the flying feel was great. Heavy enough for some throwing around, aggressive enough for any maneuver, and furiously fast. Love....

So what could I build that gives me that same feel? I went for the 1303.5 4500kv. The kv is lower and motors wider, that should be able to tolerate some decent abuse.
Then the vtx... I went crazy... I bought a naked vista with a nebula pro nano. Why? Because I stupidly ripped the Vin pad of that FC. So instead of paying 60USD for a new FC, I paid doubled for a vista.

I used the Petrel 120x 3mm frame. This toothpick frame is really great. Very stiff!!

I then added a Betafpv canopy. I have destroyed the Petrel one after burning that 1204 motor... agh...What I like with these "HD" canopies is that they don't screw into the FC mounts, thus creating another protection for the electronics.

90g quad dry? Hell yeah!

For the tune, I used the UAV tech preset in 4.3, with rpm filtering 24khz and the idle. That tune is good but it's also giving me some I term idle up and bouncing when I land. That's ok but my motors were slightly warm and I don't like that. I thus decreased the master by 2 notches...


My recommendation is 3s 650-4s 1100. The 3s is good for playing within a short range. The 4s is to go all out at max speed and throw the heck of it



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airrage   Dec 24, 2022  

Nice work! I like the small ones more fun to fly. building a mobigital whoop now for the winter season.

heravinluca   Sep 15, 2022  

Congratulations on your first work. It looks very interesting 1v1 battle

Nikotttin   Sep 16, 2022 

Thanks. I'm still loving it. It really has the toothpick lightness essence. In the mean time I've got a 3.5" and 4" also digital and naked. It's not the same. They're heavier and you can fling them better... but they're less fun than that one.
Love this build :)

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