3,5" FETtec 15A AIO toothpick

By akomives on May 22, 2022

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This build is not an easy one. But it has been a lot of fun :-)

I have dreamed about putting a FETtec 15A AIO board into a toothpick frame in the 3" ballpark. So 3-3,5" range.
There is a guy in Australia, who has designed a frame for FETtec AIO board, but I could not get into touch with him. So I have given up and have sketched a frame on my onwn devices.


It was made for the following purpose:

  • both normal AIO board and FETtec AIO board compatibility (FETtec board being 45-degrees angled, so rectangular hole pattern instead of "diamond").
  • 3" and 3,5" prop arm length
  • as light at possible

I have managed to draw it, then get a CNC guy to cut it. Unfortunately I have opted for 2 mm carbon sheet as a first try, which has been just too slim. However this hasn't become a defeat, it has become a minor setback. You can always take 2 frames and bolt them together. So I have done precisely this. This way I have got a 4 mm frame, which has been bolted together under the stack and at all 4 motor locations. So fairly stiff.

Just to remedy my ultra-light frame I have also created a much stiffer proposition in form of this design:


This one in 3 or 4 mm thickness would be plenty stiff from the get go.....

Nevertheless, let's get back to the interesting plot.... :-)

I have got myself a FETtec 15A AIO board, which has an F3 processor, however it runs a KISS firmware, so F3 it not really a problem after all. It also has a graphical OSD, which I just love. You can see your sticks moving on the OSD, which is very nice.

For the camera I have started with the Runcam Nano 4, which has amazing latency according to the measurements of Drone Mesh, however the colours look like different shades of brown and beige. So in the end I have got myself a Predator 5 Nano. Amazing camera.

For the canopy the normal whoop canopies do not work, since FETtec board has the 45-degree offset. So I have sketched a canopy for myself. Using the BeeBrain v2 canopy as an inspiration. Made sure that the lens of the Predator 5 would stick through....


For the motors I have thought to get a radical one: Xnova. They have popped into my circle of attention through Five33 motors. They have seemes like a perfect mechanical design, very nice machining and low weight.
Have opted for the 1404 motors with 4700 kv. They are incredibly notchy, very light and sound soooo good that I get goospimples on the arms....

For the VTX I have opted to break the monopoly of Team Blacksheep and went Rush Tiny Tank. It is somewhat larger and heavier than the golden standard TBS Nano, but works very nicely.



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Junnicutt   Jun 05, 2022  

i really like this concept. if you get a chance check out the sonicare 5" from fpvcycle. I don't think it's listed under frames at the website but just search for it and it'll be there. That arm layout scaled down to 3.5" could be really strong and light if the hardware weight was controlled. you did an awesome job on all the designs though. how are you liking that fettec aio? i feel like they should have just gone with an f4 so it could get popular cause I'm sure that fact alone killed it's sales even though it probably doesn't even matter since it's kiss. I'm pretty sure they went that route cause they already had the firmware ready from way back with the compact ctrl kiss 30x30 aio.

akomives   Feb 12, 2023 

I have checked out the Sonicare. Like it a lot, but for me FPV Cycle is almost impossible to use as a parts source. The shipping cost to Sweden basically kills the business case. 50 USD (or more) shipping means easily doubling the cost of a purchase. And grouping several items for a single purchase is difficult, since you really need to hit the window, when stuff is available.

I am a big fan of Bob's work otherwise, innovative and quality stuff. The special collaboration works are really unique. Like the Zeez 1S AIO, which I have actually purchased from his site. As well as with the original 1S green motors. I also have a set of 16 mm motors, which I totally adore. The crazy cogging on them is majestic.

Nowdays in the crazy chip shortage times, the Fettec AIO makes even more sense for toothpicks. Cheap and just works fine. Love the graphical OSD, when I can have the stick overlay visible in the DVR. Who needs stick cams? :-)

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