BetaFPV Pico Pavo 45mm 03

By gvngoheavy on May 09, 2022

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UPDATE 4-5-23:
With a PickleWhoop 30 and 25 already in charge of carrying naked gopros I want this setup to be a dji 03 only sneak through all the gaps kind of build.

Unsure what cell count I would like to run which would determine motor kv. At the moment Im playing around with the idea of a 2s setup that would run a 1303 or 1202.5 11500kv motor, OR a 3s setup that would run a 1204 8000kv motor.

Ultimately I think this concept might get nixed and just run an 03 unit with no naked gopro on my picklewhoop25. I think if I really want to go down the 2in route I would probably want to build a 2in fractal kind of build... Or an extremely light weighted picklewhoop evo build.

Hookay! So as Im sketching through layout and configuration concepts I see the announcement on instagram that BetaFPV is launching a beta testing program for a new frame specifically focussing on the DJI 03 system. Their target is sub 100g AUW running 2s 1102 motors swinging 45mm props. I jumped on not only messaging BetaFPV to apply for the testing but also snagged one of the 50 frames they were selling on their website as mule/test samples. Along with the frame I have some of the 1102 14,000kv motors coming too.

I picked up the darwin 15a aio because I wanted to amp headroom, but also because I wanted the option to try 3s also. I would like to try not only the 1102 14,000kv motors on 2s, but also maybe some 1003 10,000kv motors on 3s.

Part List


Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3 (Beta Test)

Flight Controller

Darwin ELRS2.0 F411 15A Bluejay AIO (2 builds)


1102 Brushless Motors (8 builds)


Gemfan 45mm-3 Tri-Blade 1.5mm Shaft Propellers - (4CW+4CCW) - Choose Color (5 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI O3 Air Unit (43 builds)


FlyFishRC Dual-Band 5.8Ghz/2.4Ghz UFL Antenna For DJI O3
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