By drakkkooo on Apr 14, 2022

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Madcatmike3d   Apr 23, 2022  

I've been waiting for someone to build this frame! The build looks SO good! You mentioned that you ran the esc wires in parallel? Just so you could run 8 motors from 4 d-shot outputs? How does it do verses an X8 with 8 D-shot outputs? I have a 4" X8 Tomoquads Katana LR that I custom rigged into an X8, but I used the SP Racing H7 mini (Which on a side note has 12 motor outputs!) and built it with 2-20mm 4in1 esc's. It flies pretty good, except Yaw is so lethargic until you put enough stick input in, and they it yaws way too far. Very weird, and I don't know a lot about tuning that out of an X8. I've been considering robbing that FC for another project, but contemplating running the esc's in parallel. Man, I'd LOVE to see some footage from this!! Kick ass build, absolutely love it!!

drakkkooo   Jun 01, 2022 

the esc powerlines are in parallel (not the motor lines:) I have 8 dshot motor outputs from the FC. I will post some footage once I fly this out in the wilderness >:)

lonepilot   Apr 18, 2022  

can it handle Gopro H10 without battery?
I'm about to design a tiny octo like this, but can't decide which motor and battery is best to lift GH10

drakkkooo   Apr 18, 2022 

Yes It can handle a GoPro10 and if you change the props to cinewhoop type (e.g. fat 3 or 5 blade props) its a little bit quieter. ;)

Jerky_FPV   Apr 16, 2022  

Wow! How's she fly?!

drakkkooo   Apr 17, 2022 

It flies great, stable and faaaaassst! A little louder with the 2-blade props but sounds like a little monster. lol

dispi   Apr 17, 2022  

Sick build! What flight times are you getting and how did you wire up the 2 ESC boards?

drakkkooo   Apr 17, 2022 

Thanks! On freestyle, I'm getting ~5min-ish on 720mAh battery.
The ESC's power wires are just wired in parallel. :)

daich   Apr 14, 2022  

nice! the throttle control is going to be amazing. that battery is going to cry.

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