Cinelog 35 HD - 2105 1850kv 6s

By wrong17 on Apr 04, 2022

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This is my second time around to build a Cinelog 35, and the reason why I am building another one are the new props that I came across. There is a slight catch to these props, they are not designed for typical T mount type motors. I will need to use motors with 5mm shafts. Since the original build used 2004 motors, I planned to use something similar.

Here is a list of motors that I found that was available to me at the time of this build (Pyrodrone, RDQ, GetFPV, and NewbeeDrone):

  • Brotherhobby Avenger 2004 LR 1650KV Motor
  • FPV Cycle 21mm 1620kv
  • Foxeer Datura 2105.5 1650kv
  • Rcinpower GTS V3 2104 1800KV
  • Rcinpower GTS V3 2105 Plus 1850KV

I end up picking the BH 2004 LF 1650kv motor because it was the lightest and cheapest, but it was a bad choice. I think these motors would be fine with the Gemfan D90 3 Blade props, but with the new props that I plan to use that have more blades, it seems to be lacking a bit. Plus, with the lower 1650kv motors, it needed over 50% throttle to even hover. Maybe if I was only lifting a Naked Gopro it would work fine. Here are the 3 new props I tired with the BH 2004 LF 1650kv motor and I was getting vibration in the FPV video feed for all the props, but the Gemfan D90 Ducted Durable 5 Blade had the least and this would be my props of choice if I was stuck with the 2004 motor. The HQProp QSL Shenprop Duct-85mmx6 props had the least amount of thrust and was the least favorite of the 3. The HQProp Duct-89MMX8 Cinewhoop 8-Blade Props had the most vibration but the trust felt similar to the Gemfan D90.

  • HQProp Duct-89MMX8 Cinewhoop 8-Blade Propeller
  • HQProp QSL Shenprop Duct-85mmx6
  • Gemfan D90 Ducted Durable 5 Blade

I did not want to give up on this project because of my poor choice in motors. This time around I need to be more logical. The most important thing the motors must have are 5mm prop shaft and 12x12mm mounting pattern. Since the 2004 size motors was lacking power, I will need 2104, 2105, 2204 or 2205 size motor. If I had a choice, I would have used the same Xing 2205 2300kv motors that is on the Squirt v2. Logically speaking that would be the ideal motor because that is the baseline quad that NO other cinewhoop can come close to. The only reason why I am trying to build something else, because I want a cinewhoop that have the similar flight performance and still get 7 minutes of flight time. The only downfall of the squirt is the max flight time of 5 minutes with a CNHL 1000mah 6s lipo. The reason why I did not go with the XING 2205 motors is because of the KV on the motors are too high. They do not offer an 1800KV motor and I do not want to limit the output on Betaflight. If I am going to buy new motors, I want it to be the correct KV for my build.

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With all that in mind, I went with the biggest motors from the list, Rcinpower GTS V3 2105 Plus 1850KV. These motors are the closest thing to what I am looking for in a motor. With the full-length wires, it weighs about 22g. After trimming it to the length I need, it ended up being about 20g. I am not sure what happen, but my test results have opposite results with the new motors. Meaning, I am getting the most vibration with the Gemfan D90 5 Blade props and HQProp Duct-89MMX8 Cinewhoop 8-Blade Props had less. And the most surprising of all, the HQProp QSL Shenprop Duct-85mmx6 is my prop of choice! It felt the smoothest of all the props and has plenty of thrust. Unfortunately, I did not matter what prop I used I can only get 6 minutes of flight. I might have to try using the 3 balde props and see how it compares to the props I am using now. The 3 blade props I plan to use are the Gemfan D90 and iFlight Nazgul Cine 3535. I was hoping to get 7 mintues of flight time with this setup while carrying a GoPro 10, but all I can get is 6.

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I switch the GoPro Hero 10 out and went back with a GoPro Hero 7 Black. With the lower weight camera I can barely get 7 minutes of max cruising flight time. I was recently contacted by someone at HQ and he wanted me to try some 3.5" 4 blade props. I did not have any expectations of these prototype props because I was very happy with the HQProp QSL Shenprop Duct-85mmx6 props that I am using already. The prop they sent me was the HQ D90MMX4, and I compared it to the following props:

•  Gemfan D90MMX3
•  Gemfan D90MMX5
•  HQ D90MMX4       
•  HQ 85MMX6        
•  HQ 89MMX8

In terms of thrust, HQ D90X4 has noticeable more than the GF D90MMX3 but less than the GF D90MMX5. But the amount of thrust was not really the issues. It is the feel, control. The issues I have with the Gemfan D90 is the vibration that is noticeable in the FPV video and the noise. That is why I went with the HQ 85MMX6 props because the lower noise, and it was the smoothest flying prop until I tried the HQ D90MMX4. The amount of trust from the HQ D90MMX4 is less than the HQ 85MMX6, but there is more low speed control with the HQ D90MMX4. The best part is the little to no prop wash compared to any other props. I was able to fly lower to the ground and not get the pocket of air that push back up to the quad.


22mph / 44mph Wind Test with HQ D90X4 Props

Same flight as above with recorded with DJI DVR


GoPro10 - 10mph/21mph Winds - HQ 85MM X6 - CNHL 1000mah 6s #3

This is the same flight as above but recorded with the DJI DVR

Betaflight 4.2.6 Tune (MPU6000 Gyro)

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PID: This is the PID tune I used for the Cinelog 35. Please keep in mind this is for a larger size motor (2105 ) so this may may not work well with 2004 size motors.

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Filter: These are the filter setting. I am running BiDirectionalDSHOT so notice that I have RPM filtering enabled.

Betaflight Snippet
I also added the following Betaflight presets:

HD (smoothed FF for HD cameras, strong low turn rate smoothness, low iterm relax to minimise bounce back)

set iterm_relax_cutoff = 10
set rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 20
set ff_interpolate_sp = AVERAGED_3
set ff_smooth_factor = 40
set ff_spike_limit = 55
set ff_boost = 0
set feedforward_transition = 40
set yaw_lowpass_hz = 70
set throttle_boost = 5
set throttle_boost_cutoff = 10
set dyn_lpf_dterm_curve_expo = 7
set gyro_rpm_notch_q = 800



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notkvnchn   Jul 17, 2022  

love the build! Do you have any more pics of the inside? Also curious where you mounted the receiver

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notkvnchn   Jul 27, 2022 

xing 2205 2300 kvs

wrong17   Jul 27, 2022 

Sounds like you have a 4s quad with those 2300kv motors and I am running a 6s setup. I just updated my build info to include the Tune info. Please be aware that its for Betaflight version 4.2.6.

notkvnchn   Jul 30, 2022 

cool, ill check it out, thanks!

wrong17   Apr 05, 2022  
denielx3000   Apr 10, 2022 

Can you help me? thaks!

Trax   Apr 04, 2022  

Where did you get the prints? Can you share link or post? Thanks!

wrong17   Apr 05, 2022 

I remixed the prints from various sources to make it fit the Cinelog 35. I will post the link after I upload them to thingiverse.

wrong17   Apr 05, 2022 

Here is a link to the STL files for the Cinelog 35 Parts:

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