By drakkkooo on Mar 22, 2022

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It's the first Sub-250 Y6 micro I've built. Added bluetooth and RealPIT to turn it off remotely. I've got to say, its a bit cooler than my quads. ;)
Special thanks to eyefly tinkerings (https://www.youtube.com/c/eyeflytinkerings) for making this Reliant frame



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Felias - eyefly   Apr 16, 2022  

Hey there! So glad to see another Reliant in the air! Amazing build, so much cleaner than mine 😅
Also great idea with the little printed (?) plates to hold the arms in place. I'm sure it's a huge help when soldering the motor wires.
I see you also designed your own GPS mount? looks more stable, however also more heavy. I tried to keep it as light as possible, but i'm still noch 100% happy with it. However i wouldn't know of a better position.

Would be awesome if you could also show some flight footage :-) I'll upload one as well these days (on the YT-channel linked in the build).

drakkkooo   Apr 17, 2022 

Thanks!! Yeah, those printed plates definitely helped a lot on keeping the arms where it should be while building it.
Yeah , this GPS mount has a little locking shape and made for this matek type so I don't have to ziptie it. :)
and yeah, i wasn't able to think of a better position of the gps mount than where you have put it.
Yeah, maybe I'll post some flight videos once I can find a good location to fly it ;)
Again, Thanks for this awesome frame design! Hope you make some more cool looking frames (x8!) :D

Felias - eyefly   Apr 18, 2022 

indeed, the ziptie on the GPS is annoying ^^ I switched to an O-Ring lately, but it's still not ideal of course. On another frame i also designed a bigger mount where it stays secure by itself.

I'm not too much into X8 at the moment, however i'll post a video (and files on Thingiverse) for a 2,5" Y6 though, as well as a very light, very stiff frame that you can 3d-print yourself (+ self-cut carbon tubes).

butcher51   Apr 02, 2022  


Jayembee67   Mar 23, 2022  

An extremely tidy and very elegant build. This is a fine looking craft. And I really like the use of the printed parts to hold it all together whilst you built - clever, nicely done. And please post some flight footage when you can. I have found Y6 to be a very powerful and agile configuration (if a bit noisy), and I am interested in seeing how this handles - I could see myself owning one of these! :-)

drakkkooo   Mar 23, 2022 

Thank you for your kind words! :D Yeah, it was an adventure building this Y6, lots of wires to route-in and the board was very small (16x16). I like that the 3d-printed holder for the vtx antenna holds it perfectly still (even after you crash and do turtle mode). It really handles well, in cruising or top speed, maybe its the frame structure itself (being just basically a tri-copter) which have 1 less tilting angle than of a quad or just the tune ;)

drakkkooo   Mar 22, 2022  

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