Y , o h , Y , o h ,Y, Try Y without servo

By kwadkenstine on Mar 21, 2022

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Can a trI yaw without a servo
Its dumb its got 4 motors , why not make a kwad ?,
Tyi coptors are outdated and better performing quads win,
But in playing about with rc cars and using the quad esc for forward and reverse off a basic servo signal ie old school reversable airplane esc or blhelli s or 32 with the correct settings .
So in stort , ditch the servo and just run a esc and motor with a 3d prop on it,
Pid tuning is going to be interesting , not having to deal with the servo and all that palava should be a bonus .
But who knows it might tune out ok.
Things that will need changing
1 the yaw motor and prop i feel are in its present form way too big.
A 1407 or similar with a 3inch prop should doo.
Thats all folks



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LynxFPV   Jun 10, 2023  

so...been a year. how well did this machine fly?

Kstone   Mar 23, 2022  

It would be possible to remove the 4th motor and use thrust vectoring via a servo & flap. This would allow the Yaw to be a lot more reactive (fast) vs having to tilt the entire motors physical / gyroscopic mass. (Can use a smaller Servo as a result)
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCs5FbtJlMc&ab_channel=MIAMicro-FLIGHT

Another consideration is that the rear motor is effectively providing lift for more than a 3rd of the copters weight, which will make the pitch performance rather poor. To counter this, try mounting the battery forward or sweeping the front motors back a bit. Effectively you'd want the Center of Mass just sightly ahead of the Center of Lift.

Side Note: I've build over a dozen Tricopters over the years. Quads are pretty easy by comparison.

kwadkenstine   Mar 23, 2022 

Dude its a joke , the whole point was to totally remove the servo from the equation and yes i intended on forward mounting the battery and other heavy things, this was NOT DESIGNED , it was built ,
And about the servo flap thrust vectoring being smoother , I totally disagree , my reasoning is that quadcopters achieve stable flight through pid loop rpm management , far greater responce and accuracy than any rc servo motor can doo,
As for building stuff , I have built a few quads ,
You need to take things less seriously
love and kisses

benjo   Mar 22, 2022  

You're an absolute madman!! it's just crazy enough that it might work. keep us up to date with some footage

Jayembee67   Mar 22, 2022  

What madness is this?! But flight footage please, both FPV and LOS - I want to see what that thing looks like in the air! :-D

Etolier   Mar 22, 2022  

Hah! This is awesome.

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