3" Punch

By benjo on Mar 18, 2022

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Picture this:

You're down at your local park ripping a 5" like Vanover, when the place suddenly gets overrun with people who want to use it for some outregeous activity like cricket. The nerve right! Well now add to this scenario; this particular crowd consists of the local Police Department Vs the local CASA Cricket Club (oh yeah, did i mention you're in Australia where the laws for FPV are straight up BS?!).

This happens every day in Australia. 100's if not 1000's of FPV enthusiasts are currently imprisoned for such crimes against society.

Well not anymore!
Meet the balls-to-wall-5-inch-racing-kwad... in street legal sub-250gms 3 inch form.

Please. I know you're eager to send me queries etc. about such a revolutionary build. But make sure you read through the FAQs first.

Q. Why are you so awesome?
A. Look, I get this a lot and honestly, I guess its just a gift.
Q. You're calling this 3" the new 5" of Australian racing? Does it really perform?
A. Its not the size, its what you do with it. Its been my life long philosophy.
Q. Aren't you like a middle aged, married man with kids? How did your wife let you buy this?
A. Pro tip; This is what happens when your wife forgets your anniversary and you actually remember for a change.
Q. Why did you buy a TadPole-HD and not deck it out with digital gear?
A. Hey hey hey, we're not all cashed up boi! And besides, I'm terrible at building OK! I like a bit of space to work with and, like, I had a 20x20 FC sitting around... did I mention I'm cheap?
Q. Are you just into 3" kwads coz you're actually really bad at flying 5"?
A. FU! This interview's over!
Q. How can you call this a racing drone if you've got a split on it...?
A. .......

Do people actually read these blurbs? I honestly only ever comment on other people's work so they drop a like on mine... I mean kudos to you if you've made it this far... Tell you what, if you comment 'Pantaloons' below, I'll drop a like on every build you've ever put up here and I'll comment back with your new 'Pro-Racer FPV handle'. co https://benjjo.github.io/



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HKayda   Jan 22, 2023  

i built one with 1506 motors, its a rocket

benjo   Jan 22, 2023 

put the build up bro! i gotta see it!

sevic69   Oct 05, 2022  

Just got my Pantaloons parts to build my first 3in inspired in yours.

benjo   Oct 05, 2022 

Food luck with the build @sevic69 aka JuicyFlickingSpacePilotFPV!!
make sure to keep us posted with the progress 😊

yuvalyosef2000   Jun 09, 2022  

Holy Pantaloons I built this too! Same size motors with a 20mm T-motor mini F7 and a vista :)
Cool build.

benjo   Jun 10, 2022 

Oh wow, how does the mini F7 go?

Thanks MotorSmokingESC-BurnerFPV!

BaTTaN   Mar 29, 2022  

Nice Pantaloons lol

The Tadpole is my favorite sub250. Ive built up three of the 65mm so far the first of which I sold shortly after building it. I have parts now for a fourth build which is going to be an HDZaero build.

benjo   Mar 29, 2022 

had i was thinking about the HDZero for this too. it would be a good frame for it! keep us up to date!
thanks ESC-BurningDroneTemplePilotFPV

Pie   Mar 26, 2022  

LOL Pantalooooonnsss

That looks wild as!
How are those 5200motors? Got the old 5000s on mine!

benjo   Mar 26, 2022 

If it ever stops raining in Sydney, I'll let you know! Thanks TrippySpinningSkyGodFPV

coastFPV   Mar 22, 2022  

Pantaloons you wild bizzitch.

I only commented because i have one of these Sub250 rockets running digital that I just converted over to a cinewhoop with some universal ducts. Nice build Koala humper.

benjo   Mar 22, 2022 

HAHA! Now nobody expected that response! You shall be henceforth known as

coastFPV   Mar 22, 2022 

known as i love it !!

benjo   Mar 22, 2022 


Ellwood   Mar 20, 2022  

lmfao Pantaloons . like the build im getting rdy to build my first ever kwad and its a 3in

benjo   Mar 20, 2022 

the micros are dominating!!
Thanks GimbalMashingSatanFPV!

ToadRage   Mar 20, 2022  

i think my Pantaloons just got a bit tight

benjo   Mar 20, 2022 

You shall now be known as: RubiksCubingAutoPilotFPV

airrage   Mar 19, 2022  

nice little savage, tried 4s already?

benjo   Mar 19, 2022 

haha, somebody actually read the blurb! yeah I'm going to give 4S a whirl today 🤞🏼
here's your new fpv race handle BandoFenceJumpingSpaceCaptainFPV

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