Long Range 6" Apex Cruiser

By Werdna FPV on Jun 02, 2022

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This build was conceptualised and brought to life mostly for the purpose of my 2022 Korea Trip to Jeju, where I felt the 5" simply wouldn't cut it for mid/long range mountain cruising, fighting strong winds and maintaining a good cruise speed. Some of the highlights of this 6" Apex are:

  1. Crossfire Diversity Nano RX with rear TrueRC Bardpole SMA and front Immortal-T for extra coverage
  2. Front and Rear LEDs, forms a triangle of light for easy LOS orientation in the air
  3. BN220 GPS wired to 5V pad meant for RX on FC. GPS is hence powered by plugging in the USB port, allowing for a GPS fix using a powerbank before the quad is turned on. This makes it much easier to get a GPS fix
  4. Conformal coated FPV camera with MG Chemicals 422C



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adv.andrei   Aug 26, 2022  

i've got the same build but on 2208 motors and i m a bit dissapointed with the flight time.
Although i could fly 12 mins on a 5s 21700 on a standard 5" build. I can do only north of 9 mins 6s21700 on 6s.

Flight time is better for freestyle style though, would consider swapping to these motors.

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adv.andrei   Feb 13, 2023 

moved everything on a 5.5 with 2505 motors and i get even less flight time that a 5" with a 2207

Werdna FPV   Feb 13, 2023 

That's interesting...

adv.andrei   Feb 13, 2023 

you need to stay very light on the throttle to get any range on it

Achaian   Jun 22, 2022  

Hey nice build! What flight times are you getting?

Werdna FPV   Jun 22, 2022 

Hey man I'm getting a solid 8 mins on a 1300mah 6S. Actually I've been too lazy so far to build some Li-Ion packs but I'm currently building a 3000mah 6S VTC6 pack and that one should be able to get 14-15 mins cruising.

Achaian   Jun 23, 2022 

nice!i have the same frame, but i am starting to consider turning it into a mid/long range as well. Would you change your motors for greater effciency, or do you think that you are at the sweet spot for power/efficiency?

Werdna FPV   Jun 23, 2022 

I think for 6 inch these motors are super efficient. You can run them on 4S, 5S and 6S with no problems, though 4S would need 6 inch triblades while 6S would need biblades and possibly a 90-95% motor output limit. Altogether, it is doubtless that 2505 is more efficient than 2207 or 2306

Logibear   Jun 11, 2022  

Awesome build and great video. Jeju Island is one of the few places I didn't get to go while I was stationed at Camp Case-Hovey in 2013.

Werdna FPV   Jun 12, 2022 

Thanks man! Wow that camp is quite close to DMZ. I also went there to visit haha

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