530Flat - a Folding Concept Build

By bornity on Feb 25, 2022

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This is a concept build using a bunch of on hand parts from previous projects.

Original frame was from a Daya 680mm build with 16in props which crashed, cracking the top and bottom carbon fiber plates, couldn't be used anymore for clients, and I got it. I repaired the cracks with epoxy laminated carbon fiber pieces. I cut down the arms to to the shortest length which would allow the frame to fold, which came out to 530mm. Any shorter and the arms can't fold. I flipped the motor mounts over to reduce the z-height and printed some shims to allow the motor plates to fold without intersecting the main frame plates. Designed some 3D printed CF-PETG front, side and rear panels, along with some TPU mounts for the flat antennae for the SIYI receiver.

Overall, it was a challenging build. I didn't expect much from it but it turned out to be one of the most forgiving/fun drones I've ever flown. It was a pain in the ass to fit everything inside the frame and it could probably use a bit more power but it's a pleasure to fly as is and I love the way it looks!



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luyang   Aug 31, 2023  

Help, my daya680 lack of a part, which is used to fix aircraft arm, could you please sell me one? I've looked for it for weeks

MamaJOE   Apr 28, 2022  

Great build! To large for my field of application, but I like this Transformers-style!

WizzX   Mar 14, 2022  

Really nice and creative. what are you using it for?

bornity   Mar 14, 2022 

It's mostly just a demonstration airframe right now. I have a 1-axis camera gimbal to it right now. I wanted a cool looking build to fly at the end of the day when taking a break from my more serious projects.

benjo   Mar 09, 2022  

I thought this was a 3D render until I read your blurb. Love the way it looks is an understatement!

bornity   Mar 14, 2022 

Thanks! That's huge praise!

Jodie Froster   Mar 03, 2022  

What an awesome build!!!! I'm impressed by the folding arms, and the final shape it takes when it's all closed up!
Was the "cutout" for the GPS in the original frame?
I like the gold paint on the motor mount carbon :) Swapping it to the bottom for more centralized mass (and your stated purpose of: better portability) is clever.
I am designing a frame for 9" props. I see that you are on 10" props now. What kind of flight time are you getting on that 5200?
Do you know the AUW of this bird?

bornity   Mar 14, 2022 

Thanks,! No, the GPS cutout was dremeled into the top plate. The motor mounts are actually electroplated aluminum not carbon! And the motors run incredibly cool temp-wise. Flight time: I'm getting 20-25mins depending on how hard I push it, but I'm still not finished tuning it, so that could change. Dry weight is 1238g and AUW is 1750g with the 4S 5200mah.

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