Calimero Rmx 3"

By Chrswn on Jan 26, 2022

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I increased the prop size from 65mm to 75mm props. I kept all the major revisions from the previous 65mm version that are listed below.

1 Reduced motor mounts to 2.5mm thick (the rest of the frame is 5mm) to recue weight and keep weight more centered.
2 Added extra material around the front and rear standoffs to increase the stiffness in the arms and improve durability.
3 Added a lipo system that weighs about the same as my typical rubberbands that I used.
4 I printed this version in a Carbon Fiber/ PLA mix. I used CooBeen Carbon Fiber PLA found on Amazon. It prints really nicely.

  1. I've been using 30-40% infill with 3 walls.

Video Here:



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benjo   Feb 23, 2022  

That footage is amazing! I can't believe that is a 3". I want one.... maybe two

jdmkramer   Feb 02, 2022  

Nice! I'm curious what you think of the carbon PLA vs regular. I the 3dxtech stuff I use is noticeably more rigid than regular, but I haven't done any real strength/impact testing. I just finished building and maidening my own hex design with carbon pla frame and tpu canopy and bumpers. I don't fly too agressively with it so I think it will last a while.

Chrswn   Feb 02, 2022 

i dont have any scientific data, but i feel that regular pla would be more crash resistant as it is more flexible. however, because the carbon pla is more rigid, it is easier to tune. i also noticed that my carbon pla is slightly heavier than the regular pla.

Jodie Froster   Jan 28, 2022  

It's looking good, been interesting watching you work this one up!
I was skeptical on the last iteration when you decided to make the motor mounts thinner, AND have the holes for both motor patterns. Nice to see that it's legit.
I like the slope of the canopy, looks like it has low drag, and aesthetically pleasing. I like how it gets smaller every few revisions. Your dvr looks wobble free, do you put screws in the bottom of those standoffs, or do you just press the knurled standoff into a hole that's just a little too smol? I can't see it on this one, but the photos on your last one showed the empty bottom of a standoff in the rear, but that could have fallen out ,or something else. I would have thought that canopy would need extra bracing, but this is your 2nd version with it, and both had solid video, so color me impressed.
I like it that you went all in on 3d printing everything. The rubber bands probably work great, but I don't have those particular rubber bands, and I already have filament :) I don't have CF reinforced PLA, so i'll be printing my first one in regular ol PLA. Do you still think that's a good choice? Everything I have read in your posts here makes me think it will work for me.
Looks fun on 3s, and your accuracy is good with those gates.
On that note: what has your experience been with the AiO FC's for racing? Do they take crashes well?

Chrswn   Jan 28, 2022 

First, thanks for your thoughts on the aesthetics. I have a second style canopy that I'll be uploading that is very different than the one shown here. However, it's only for the aio type cameras. Second, I use an 10-12mm m2 screw that goes through the rear lipo mount, then the frame, then a metal m2 nut, then a rubber gromet(holds the fc) and then it friction fits into a small hole on the canopy. Third, the reason I decided to have tpu lipo mounts is because I don't like having the rubber rub against the fc. However, I trade this with having the lipo sit an extra couple mm away from the frame and this causes the center of gravity to move further out. Fourth, regular PLA works great too. I found that the PLA versions were slightly lighter than the Carbon PLA (both at 40% infill and 3 walls). Fifth, I have 4 crazybee v3 fc's and they have survived a ton a crashes. However, I have a lot of practice disarming when I crash to avoid burning an esc and I don't turtle mode. Also, on a side note, if you prefer to have the extra material around the motor mounts, you could slice the frame in the middle, keep the top half, and then scale the z axis to 5mm. I would recommend doing this if you are going to use heavier motors. I think because my setups are so light, I can get away with the thinner motor mounts.

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