QAV-S 5" - Semi Slammed Lightweight HD 6s - 334g Dry Weight

By wrong17 on Dec 22, 2021

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The Build

The goal for this build is to keep it as light as possible. I started off with the original QAV-S frame and replaced the top plate with a Joshua Bardwell SE version. By using a single plate, I can eliminate the one for the standoff. Next, I swapped out all the standoffs to lower the height 3mm. The replacement standoff will reduce the weight about 5.59g. Then I lost another 2.73g by replacing the steal screws to titanium. Buy making all the changes as I suggested above, you can reduce the overall weight of the frame about 15g. I will also suggest removing the carbon fiber FPV camera mounts and replacing it with 3D printed ones because that could save you about 3g (the carbon fiber plates weigh 4g). Typically, a 3D printed camera mount will weigh about 1g. I know it sounds like I am nickel and diming each gram but, in the end, it can make a difference.

To keep it light, I also used a Flywoo 40a 20x20 AIO board, and it weighs about 9g. Even though the AIO board is rated for 40 continuous amps, I hope it can handle a full-size freestyle quad usage. If I were to use a different style board, here is a rough estimate of the weight difference:

  • AIO: 9g
  • 20x20 Stack: 15g
  • 30x30 Stack: 30g

For the most part, the rest of the build it pretty much straight forward and figuring out where mount everything is all you need do. This frame is so spacious, you should not issues mounting everything.

3D Printing

Even since I started printing multicolor TPU, I feel that I need to do it for all my new builds. But recently I started to have layer adhesion issues and some brands seems to be more problematic than others. I think I might have figured out the problem. During the winter the temperature can drop to the low 30’s and inside the garage it can get kind of cold. As a test, I brought one of the printers inside the house (We have the HVAC system set to 74 degrees) and I did not have any layer adhesion problems anymore.

The first item I needed is a mount for the caddx vista and crossfire antenna. Next would be the FPV camera. Typically, I do not use the carbon fiber camera mount plates because they usually weight more than the 3D printed ones. Finally, I need a mount for the GoPro camera. As I progressed into my build, I was unsure about the placement of the XT60 connector. After browsing through thingiverse, I found a mount that would work perfectly with the build. You can find the link to the collection of 3D printed parts below.

Test Flight
GoPro 7

Same test footage as above with but with DJI DVR

More info soon...


Part List


Lumenier QAV-S 5" Freestyle Quadcopter Frame (4 builds)
See Site

Flight Controller

GOKU GN722 HD EVO 40A AIO DJI PLUS & PLAY (20x20 ) (4 builds)


4 x Axis AF236 2306 1810kv (2 builds)


Gemfan Hurricane 51466 Propeller (Set of 4 - Choose Color) (21 builds)
See Site

FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Kit with Nebula Pro (2 builds)


Flywoo ATOMIC 5.8GHz LHCP FPV Antenna For Dji Digital FPV (3 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx Special Edition FPV Long Range Drone Receiver (159 builds)


CNHL MiniStar 1000MAH 22.2V 6S 100C Lipo Battery
See Site

3D Printed

QAV-S Collection - DJI O3 - Arm Skid - GoPro 5/6/7 - FPV Camera - Vista Antenna - Crossfire Immortal T Mount - XT60 holder by wr (2 builds)
See Site


Ummagrip "Kinda" Lite - Super Sticky Pad (Blue) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

28mm Aluminum Textured Standoff Spacers (Set of 6) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

20mm Aluminum Textured Standoff Spacers (Set of 6) (5 builds)

Misc Parts

M3 6/8/10/14/26mm Polished Titanium Button Head Screw Hex Allen Socket Button Head Screws Lot of 50pcs (6mm)

Misc Parts

Diatone Motor Wire Protection Tube 26MM 5 Pack

Misc Parts

Lumenier QAV-S 5" Joshua Bardwell SE - Replacement Top Plate (2 builds)
See Site
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bulesz   Nov 09, 2023  

thank you for the detailed description and sharing the great 3d files bro!
I have made a super slam qav-r 2 deadcat with inner the arms level and using an aio board in it.

Madcatmike3d   May 06, 2022  

Nice man! Looking clean! How many times have you had to make the walk of shame, down to that park?? lol. I wonder that every time I see you rip this park from down the street. That's a pretty sweet setup to be able to rip that park, then fly home.

wrong17   May 07, 2022 

Thanks... I baby the quads too much and do really do the walk of shame as often as I should. Plus, all the quads are setup with turtle mode so most of the time I am able to flip back over and fly back home. :)

Jayembee67   Dec 23, 2021  

Whoosh! My word, look at that thing move. Very nice.

wrong17   Dec 23, 2021 


Jodie Froster   Dec 23, 2021  

This looks GREAT! I am about to get that exact antenna in the mail in a few days, and chance I could get that STL? I'd use that XT60 mount too, if you wouldn't mind sharing :)

wrong17   Dec 23, 2021 

Thanks, you should be able to find all the STL files I used here:

K1R   Dec 22, 2021  

That's a very clean build! I like detailed description and photos!

wrong17   Dec 22, 2021 

Thanks, I am still not finish with the writeup.

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