3.5 inch Armattan Tadpole Analog - with GEPRC Camera Mount - 12mm Motor Pattern

By DronerFPV on Dec 02, 2021

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DronerFPV designed with Armattan Productions a 3.5 inch Armattan Tadpole main and LiPo plate.

For this design, we redesigned for:

12mm motor mount pattern with increased area around the motor mounts for more crashing beefyness. Used the BetaFPV 1404 3800kv for zippyness and longer flight time.
You can use the GEPRC or Tadpole (with spacers) camera mounts
2-23mm rear stand-offs which allow for a TPU antenna and crossfire mount
Order the Armattan Tadpole Analog 3.5 inch - 3mm Main Plate and LiPo Plate Conversion Kit Below

1 x ARMATTAN Tadpole 3.5-inch Analog - 20x20 or 25x25 flight controller and 3mm plate thickness with 12mm motor mounts (Main Plate).
1 x Armattan Tadpole Extended LiPo Plate



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sp_fpv   Jan 09, 2022  

Very interesting! This kit is compatible with the stock tadpole hd aluminium cam brace/tail post ?
I didn't understand if I can use the standard aluminum parts of the tadpole and if I need the tadpole 3inch or 3inch hd ones.

DronerFPV   Jan 09, 2022 

Yes, it is designed to use the stock aluminum camera mount for the tadpole analog. You can use the HD tadpole mount but the camera is mounted too far back in the brackets and you see the brackets. Depending on the height of the back standoffs, you may need to add a nut or other spacer on the top and/or bottom of the tadpole analog camera mount.

sp_fpv   Jan 12, 2022 

Thanks! So if i use standard tadpole aluminium camera mount and back standoff i shouldn't use any spacer, right?

DronerFPV   Jan 12, 2022 

Thats correct. Only need spacers if you want more height between the base and LiPo plate

-X3-   Dec 03, 2021  

This one really has my interested, I'd like to buy it but can't find it on ArmattanProductions ?

DronerFPV   Dec 03, 2021 

Thanks X3! Updated the link to Armattan Productions and you should be able to find it now. I also designed the same frame with 9mm motor mount pattern and build coming soon...

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