ZBROZ Prometheus (mk 2.)

By tH11Rt33NtH on Nov 23, 2021

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In tuning process. TBD.

Test flight footage
Pretune flight:

Finetune flight:



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907fpv   Feb 09, 2023  

hey could you share that gopro mount stl file?

Jerky_FPV   Jan 13, 2022  

How do you like the motors? I am thinking of getting the same ones in 1860kv. What kv are yours?

tH11Rt33NtH   Jan 13, 2022 

Hi! My exactly 1860KV. Its cheap and more or less reliable motors. Connot recomend nor say dont buy it. Depends of the price you can get them. Flies pretty good but its has 2 component bell. Modern motors are one-piece bell. Here`s the lattest footage with that frame and motors -

Jerky_FPV   Jan 13, 2022 

Beautiful chasing man!!! Thank you very much for the reply!!!

Jayembee67   Nov 24, 2021  

So I was just coming back to ask how this has worked out for you. Mine really was not a great success in the air - hideous resonance issues that did for it in the end - eventually they caused it to fall from the sky, and it did not recover from that.

But I see you have posted a bunch of black box stuff, so it looks like you are getting noise issues too? Anything to share, I'm interested in your experience with this frame.

tH11Rt33NtH   Nov 25, 2021 

Hey Jayembee67!

Thanks for tpu blueprints at thingiverse.com.

I'm only at the beginning with that frame. However as you can see its Mk2, thats because it has another carbon bridges between motors - 4 attachment points for each side. So, I suppose the frame becomed stiffer. Also it has another cam mount plates with more option to adjust angle and holes for GoPro mount.
At the first arm with props off and stock filters/pids, the motors almost flame out. Then I found your build here and took your filters - motors were ok.
Frankly speaking I didnt have enought time to properly tune that build and the weather in Ukraine now quite wet and cold.

Regarding the frame itself - its "fancy manito" frame rather than reliable and well tuned frame. Yes, a lot of vibrations - tinkle like a tuning fork)))
In my prospective - most of metal frame will get same issues. You can clean it via filters but mechanically you cannot adress that because of the Titan. However I really like it. Furthermore, now with stock pids it fly well (cold motors, no visible resonance, acceptable propwash) and after finetune it should fly like an eagle I hope)) But lets see) Stay tuned.

BTW - ZBROY is Ukrainian Co. located in Kyiv city where Im also living) and indirectly I know the owners - brothers Andriy and Svyatoslav Zbroy. They are serious guys in FPV cinematography and many other related areas. I am proud that Ukrainian guys made such product.

Test flight footage -

Can you please share your full list pids and filters.


Jayembee67   Nov 27, 2021 

Well, first of all, looking at your test footage, I'd say that is flying really well - really crisp, no bounce-back, and little to no vibration coming through. That's looking way better than mine ever did. The first test hover I did in my back yard actually caused the motors to smoke within about 20s because there was so much vibration coming through the frame to the gyro. I have never seen anything like that.

As you saw, I looked at the BetaFlight blackbox spectrum, and saw a huge resonance spike which I dropped a static notch filter on, and that actually got me flying. But then the resonance started to creep in from somewhere else, I got a motor desync, the machine fell from the air onto the only patch of concrete within 100 yards, and the frame shattered. At that point I decided to call it a day, and I put all the parts that survived back into the GEPRC Mark4 frame I took them out of to build the Prometheus in the first place.

As such, I don't have my list of PIDs and Filters for the Prometheus any more, they have been reset for the Mark4 build - my apologies.

But interesting that the frame has been updated. I would imagine that the resonance issue was perhaps more widespread than hoped then. It's a shame, because the machine looked gorgeous, one of the most striking quads I owned, but far too many issues with V1 for me to take a chance with the frame again, unfortunately.

tH11Rt33NtH   Dec 11, 2021 

Such a bad story( however that can happen with any frame - when you missed right filters and get dsync due to ESC failure or whatever. As I wrote - I almost burn my motors too just arm the quad without props). But anyway I didn't faced any such issues and I was aware there are a lot of resonance and build specific. I tried it safely as I could. First of all I was suggested to use 2207 motors instead of 23** and apply FC soft mounth. It really helped. I was able to take it to the air and log some flights. So, all of the noice spikes can be eliminated with right filters, but first you have to gues the filters range just to dont burm the motors)) Yep, the frame requires more filtering and introduce more fase delay as well as requires some specific setup.
But I really enjoy the quad although I have not finish with PIDs yet. This frame gives another kind of flight feeling, its like a old Aston Martin car - its not perfect and willing to kill you and ofcource there are a lot of more reliable and afordable frames on the market, but this unic look and feeling...

BTW - Mk2 frame only has bridges between motors and camera mount. I do not think that may influes so dramatically.
Hope I will not destroy that quad before I finish PIDs tune))

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