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By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Nov 14, 2021

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My personal thoughts on the 25mm motor:

I skipped the V1 due to the desync issue. Now I finally jumped on the hype train. Are they all that? Yes and no.

They are good motors (duh), excellent at certain things, but with some compromises. Are they THE perfect 5 inch motors some claim to be? No, at least not in my book.

These two glides sit at 655g auw with a hero 7, vista, and a 1050mah pack, they were around 645g before with some 2207.5. Their current auw is the same as my apex on some lightweight 2306. I was able to compare these two setups and here's what I felt.

The 25mm motors are chef's kiss at fast cruising. Noticeably better throttle resolution when you fly low to the ground. The quad also has a little more authority in the air, I found it easier to hold certain moves midair with these motors. Coming out of a dive is also smoother. Their top end is also not as dead as 2306. Just like what reviewers said.

However, if your quad is not an absolute 700+g cow in the first place, these motors do put some weight on the arm ends, resulting in a less responsive stick feel. My 655g apex with those Axisflying 2306 which is about 3.5g lighter than the imperials, doesn't hug the ground nearly as good, it flies like any good 2306 in the air, but on the same reasonable auw, an arm end that is 3.5 g lighter still makes the quad more responsive and snappy and Steele-ish.

And no, they don't make the GoPro weight disappear. A 700g quad with imperials would NOT fly the same as a 550-600g auw quad. Whoever says that is grossly exaggerating.

If you are into fast cruising, cinematic chasing, a luxurious stick feel with a lot of control on smooth freestyle, these imperials are second to none. Or if your quad is already 700+g and these imperials would only add another 10, I'd say defintely go for it.

But If you often find yourself zippy zippy through tight spaces, or if you fancy dazzling flippy floppy, a decently light auw with lightweight motors still offers nimbleness and responsiveness the imperial doesn't. Plus due to the wide stator, the imperial IS more prone to damage. For these reasons I'm hesitant to make them my freestyle daily driver.

That being said, the imperial is still a damn good motor with some very interesting characteristics, and I will actively look for more suitable circumstances to fly them.



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sabrinabrooks   Sep 24, 2022  

looks great!

miromir237   Jan 17, 2022  

Really nice reading about the motors. The white motor wires go well with your GoPro ;-)

jdmkramer   Nov 19, 2021  

I really like the black and white look! I've got a set of these motors as well. About to move them from my 5" cinewhoop to a more traditional build, all black and white ;)

Jodie Froster   Nov 15, 2021  

They look slick too!!

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Jodie Froster   Nov 16, 2021 

Cool use of a gopro 7 too

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Nov 16, 2021 

I'm not gonna lie. I was looking for another hero 7, ended up paying extra just for this dusk white edition to match the color scheme.

jdmkramer   Nov 19, 2021 

I'm glad you did. Looks rad! :)

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