Carnage 6s

By Darylk on Nov 09, 2021

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4/04 - This quad is for sale. If interested please make offer. Update 3/2023 - I moved this back to 4s. Fettec 15a AIO with same 2650kv 1504.5 motors. Going with AOS 3.5 and a suprise build to replace this quad with. This one is up for grabs, make offer if interested. Its now analog with TBS uinfy nano on 20mm mounting board that is mounted to top deck on the same spacers that came with 35a AIO making room for battery strap.

Carnage 3.5 inch 6s (now 4s) build

Thanks need to go out to the designer as well as the reviewer who described as alien star fighter. Concured. Also thanks to the folks who donated their STL designs. Used Red TPU (ninjatech cheetah) for all the 3d parts. Using ELRS and aimed a t-mount antenna off the front stand offs. This forced a locked camera angle. No longer have ability to adjust the nebula pro that went in. No regrets at all. Its a great camera angle.

Using a GNB 90C FPVCYCLE 550MAH battery a little over 70 grams so its not too heavy but still flies magically.

Having owned and broken a betaPFV X-Knight 3.5 and this is like 5x better to fly. In fact this takes top ranks as best to fly out of my quads. 132.8 grams as pictured

2022 edit: Crashed this in late november hard enough to take out one motor, flight controller and split in to two pieces. Frame came out fine and I will testflight a new config this weekend before posting the changes here. Most other frames would have not withstood the crash. Thanks again sub250g

9/16/2022 edit: new config in place. Test flight tonight or tomorrow.



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JTR1   Apr 26, 2022  

I like your build!!!!
How is the frame in 3mm ?
I'm hard on frame so I normally order 2 but I feel this one will be hard to break.

Darylk   Apr 26, 2022 

Thanks for the like. I'm in upstate New York and haven't flown since November. This quad was amazing up to the last day I flew it. Not sure what happened as I went in to the woods backwards and at a good speed. Came out in two pieces. Even though it weighed 148.8g without battery, I never did have a concern on the frame. I used too short of screws on the stand off posts. Think my buddy commented best when he said "OMG I can feel every notch on the gimbal and each one makes a difference on the throttle". I just rebuilt it and want to test fly before posting the changes here. Hoping for this Sunday. Last year was my first year flying and I came out with a few takeaways. Never liked how betaflight rotated axis under load or the yaw washout on fast whoops even in prop out config. Tried Fettec and found it to be a luxury vs economy. Anyways this is one of very few frames that can take the Fettec 15A aio board. Just noticed this a few weeks ago and will be flying this as 4s with Kiss next flight. Same motor size. Lost over 22 grams of weight in the process. I think this frame is perfect. This and the 4 inch I posted were absolutely nuts to fly. Sadly that frame should have been ordered at 4mm base thickness and is no more. Have a 5 inch version of the same frame ready to test fly at 158g with caddx vista. I've hit the ground going fast at odd angles with this Carnage frame like one leg down crashes and this frame withstood well. Its bracing distributes well. For the price I wish I had ordered two. I owned the Avio Avant and the Beta flight 3.5 before this. Hands down this is soo much better than the others.

JTR1   Apr 26, 2022  

I like your build!!!!
How is the frame in 3mm ?
I'm hard on frame so I normally order 2 but I feel this one will be hard to break.

Sub 250g FPV   Jan 17, 2022  

Thank you for building my Carnage Frame, Looks awesome 😁👍 Do you have any flight footage ?

Darylk   Jan 17, 2022 

Thank you for setting a 3.5 inch benchmark in this design. A true pleasure to fly!

Darylk   Nov 09, 2021  

Little off on weight.

OptimaZe   Nov 09, 2021  

Awesome! Welcome to rotorbuilds!

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