BirdbrainRC Sparrowhawk 5

By BirdbrainRC on Nov 03, 2021

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Potential race rig for me for the 2022 season - yeah, it's weird, but hear me out on this!

Took some time out from racing this year mainly due to Covid restrictions plus a lack of practice, didn't feel worth the effort to trek to events. As a result, I spent more time just flying for the pure fun of it. My weapon of choice for these sessions was a prototype aerial video quad, with HD cam below the FPV cam. Whilst I designed it for aerial video stuff, it turned out to be just great for everything, and once we started getting the gates out again in local meetups I was really surprised with how well it got around a track. As a result, I started thinking about a more race focussed version. I'm under no illusions about my skill level, and figured hey - may as well run a HD camera on race day for the footage, I'm really not gonna see the benefit of the saved grams of weight when it comes to my finishing position in most cases.

The result is this weird beasty. Keeping the HD camera down low seems to lower the inertia in rolls, most of the mass of the quad is centred around the axis of rotation, that's the theory anyway. It's got a decent amount of protection for the electronics, with TPU side skirts which should hopefully keep the worst of the muck out of the stack - they work nicely with a 20x20 stack. The quad can be built with a 30x30 stack, but it's extremely squished and probably not worth the hassle. Can't fit the side skirts either.

Hopefully once the weather here clears up I can get it in the air proper - cautiously optimistic that it could be a good setup for my racing next year if it flies like it should.



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eternalsur   Jan 31, 2022  

its Absolutely gorgeous !

nerdCopter   Jan 27, 2022  

been thinking of Session on bottom for awhile; really cool to see you did it

miromir237   Jan 17, 2022  

It definitely looks inovative. I like it.

recon   Nov 15, 2021  

This is your best looking frame by far! Love the low CG HD camera placement. Great work!

starrtiktokk   Nov 15, 2021 

nice design

makesomemore_   Nov 14, 2021  

nice design my dude! keep it up!

LynxFPV   Nov 05, 2021  

!Absolutely gorgeous

Jodie Froster   Nov 04, 2021  

So that 3D printed side plate looks AWESOME, how did you get the red star in there??!
Really good looking build, the red REALLY pops, against the black/gray/white color scheme :)
Since your props are in view of your gopro, are you looking at props that look cool in the shot?

Silverwing   Nov 04, 2021  

This looks like it would be super fun to fly! Where would i be able to get my hands on a frame!?

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