Red Rascal

By G1th on Mar 08, 2017

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A Modern and Cheap Miniquad

I built this quad to be a bog-standard miniquad. Previously, I had mostly worked with ardupilot/px4 quads (including a miniquad running px4), and wanted something that was inexpensive and bog-standard for a miniquad.

The must-have features for me were
-MPU6000 gyro
-SD card blackbox logging
-OSD built in to the FC
-Robust and maintainable over performance/weight loss
-Don't pay for hype

I also added a digital voltmeter visible just above the battery plug (It's been super handy on some other quads, though not sure how useful it is on a mostly fpv quad). Of course, the display is a red display.


No foam pad for the battery to sit on meant that some protruding screws made some depressions in one of my batteries. Current (temporary) solution is my folded up jar opener (that I normally use to grip motors when doing up the prop nuts). Not sure what the long term solution will be yet.

The stock standoffs that come with the frame are too fat to let the xt60 plug sit. I replaced them with some thinner ones and now it just fits, they're also red. The standoffs I ordered were a tad too short so I extended them with some nylon ones while some longer ones ship.

On second fpv flight had a collision with the ground and afterwards the FC was unresponsive and the sd card was burned too. I tried replacing the f303 chip on the board to see if I could get it going again, but all I did was learn to solder smd components (I must have guessed the wrong component that was dead).

Mounting the vTx was a bit of a pain, even with the pigtail. The mount hole for the sma connector on the frame is larger than it should be, and I need to get some threadlocker on it or something.

I didn't like that the ESCs were two PCBs sandwiched together, would have preferred a lower profile.

I know that these batteries are bloody huge, but it's okay because it's still got plenty of thrust, and I'm not using a HD cam. I also got them for an absolute steal at ~21USD each.

Planning to switch to a TBS triumph antenna, but unsure whether the stub or normal length will be more durable (more give in the longer one, but bigger moment arm about the plug).

Flight Performance

Flies like a dream. Betaflight is amazing.

The AUW is 550g or so, 306g without the battery.

I've tried out a bunch of different props, all accelerations are from logs (none of that static thrust test with huge power supply bulldust):

eachine 4045: Extremely flexible props. Great for testing as it's not as ridiculously overpowered, still pulls 3g though.

Racerstar 5048x3 Great performance, 6.8g is the highest I've seen.

KINGKONG 5040 needs tuning from default pids to handle punchouts, a lot of oscillation in the motor commands means these can probably do a lot better acceleration. 6.5g

Racekraft 5051 Haven't seen much reason to use these over the (cheaper) 5048x3's, but I've only flow these in LOS hover and brief punchouts so far. 6.5-7g. The tips of these seem pretty prone to damage, one of them was even quite bent when I opened the packet.



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