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By OneManMob on Oct 25, 2021

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I love micros and am always chasing a perfect 1s and 2s build. I have built a number of 2.5 and 3-inch quads: 4 Baby Tooth quads among them (a 1s - on a 1.5mm frame, 2 2-s builds on 2mm frame and a 3s on 3mm frame).
Although I spent a lot of time tuning my 1s BT, I was never really happy with its performance. No matter how ridiculously high I was raising FF and P, it always felt a bit sluggish, vague and struggled in the lightest breeze, it would also shake on high throttle (shake, not oscillate! ) . I was ready to think that 1s battery was not enough to power a 3" Prop sufficiently and to give the motors enough authority... That's why I came up with my 2.5" Piglet project. However, I decided to give my 1s Baby Tooth one more chance - I opted to replace the original BT 1.5mm frame with my favourite War Pig 120 2mm by Quad 66. 2mm War Pig frame is way stiffer than the 1.5 Baby Tooth - pretty obvious, since it is 0.5mm (or 33%) thicker, but at the same time, it is just 0.1g heavier (4.2 vs 4.1g) and way more aerodynamic - thanks to its narrow profile.
The new frame has made a difference so big, I wouldn't believe was possible if I hadn't seen it myself. The tracking became snappy, quick, no trace of old lazy/slow/wobbly feel, also the performance in the wind is now similar to my 2s 3-inch qwads. The ease with which the qwad now recovers from deep dives, the amount of control and authority at low throttle is several levels higher than it used to be.
Because all components apart from the frame came from my Baby Tooth, I called the new, hybrid creation: War Tooth (War Pig +Baby Tooth).
With this modification my faith in and love for 3" 1s micro quads has been re-kindled
At 41.5g of weight this is not a light build, but I hate to compromise on video quality - our analog kwads are already sacrificing so much video quality that I refuse to go any further, that's why I decided to use Caddx Baby Ratel nano camera - arguably the best in class currently, Eachine Nano VTX v.1 - IMHO offering better video quality than TBS Unify Pro32 Nano - Eachine beats TBS particularly in terms of resistance to EMF noise, as well as TrueRC singularity video antenna offering full-size performance in



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