1s 65mm DJI Tiny Whoop

By Angelpont on Oct 23, 2021

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I'd been wanting a 1s 65mm tiny whoop forever...
I saw a 1s Sharkbyte 75mm here: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27967
The maker of that build used a Pololu Boost Regulator to output 2s from a 1s battery and run the Sharkbyte, and I figured I could do the same with a decased Vista... so here we are! The first version had crossfire, but it was a little too crowded. It came up to 39 grams. I used a DJI controller for a while, but whenever the vista heats up, the control link fails. I now switched to the betafpv elrs aio board, and I'm getting a solid 2 minutes flight time. Wait until the DJI goggles finish booting and update the osd before taking off. Towards the end of the pack (at about 2.9v), video cuts out.



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jason.gauruder   Dec 04, 2021  

Angel Pont...are you the same Angel Pont that posted a comment on the newbeedrone website for the hummingbird pro 1s board and uart issue...uart not available to use? there is a solution for that...see one of my 1s SB builds ...you want to use the NOBEESIGN firmware I linked to it.

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Angelpont   Sep 17, 2022 

i think that's the only UART in that board. if you want to use the dji controller you'd need another flight controller with a second UART, like maybe the Happymodel X12 lite.


createdbydub   Sep 17, 2022 

ok thank. i got the osd working but i cant use dji controller i order a jumper t lite elrs. ill use that once it arrive.

createdbydub   Sep 17, 2022 

I was just looking at that one. ill grab it on my next build. i appreciate your time. god bless

HoovyBoard   Mar 25, 2022  

Hey there! I'm trying to attempt the same thing with the 799 boost regulator and have encountered an odd issue. Ideally, the vista should power up with a dim red/green, initialize, then go solid green to indicate it's ready. Using a 450 mah 1s and various settings on the boost regulator, I can never get to the solid green on the vista. However, if I connect the micro usb port in an attempt to connect to betaflight, the vista goes solid green. Is there anyway to remedy this other than getting a 2s compatible board?

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HoovyBoard   Mar 30, 2022 

Hey again, thanks for the tips! Am definitely going to be converting to BT 2.0. I do have another question. Would I solder the wire to connect to Vin (boost reg) and BATT+? And would I solder a wire to connect GND (boost reg) and BATT-? You can see an updated wiring diagram here. imgur .com/a/JwqpmFJ (there's a space in the link)

HoovyBoard   Mar 30, 2022 

A wiring diagram from you would also be super helpful! Thanks in advance!

Angelpont   Mar 30, 2022 

check the build post again. I added a picture showing where to wire what with the betafpv board. bebery careful with those tx/rx pads!

HoovyBoard   Mar 16, 2022  

Hi there, i was looking to do this build with a betafpv ELRS 12A FC, mobula 7 frame, and mob 7 or larva x canopy. Im a bit new to DJI so wanted your input on whether this wiring diagram looks correct. imgur .com/a/WGaYYbF (theres a space in the link) Thanks!

jason.gauruder   Dec 04, 2021  

FYI...I also found and changed over to the pololu #799 boost regulator...I can drive the 1s battery down to 2.9v if I want to (I usually land at 3.1v) the #791 Regulator works but I could only drive the battery down to 3.2v before the SB video would give out on me . maybe the dji is more tolerant with the #791.

Angelpont   Dec 04, 2021 

Holy crap! Thanks again, man! The video does cut out around 3.1-3.0. I ordered the #799. I'm switching to Elrs next. I currently run it with a xfire nano, because I noticed whenever the vista heated up a bit, the control link would cut out. I also changed the esc PWM to 48khz from the previous 96khz and it no longer flies like a cow!

jason.gauruder   Dec 04, 2021 

I'm also not sure of the dji vtx settings, but I assume you run at 25mw to maximize the battery life. on the Sharkbyte I can run 25mw or 200mw but I only run 25mw so as to maximum the battery life. yes 48khz works good for me as well. I am using the bluejay esc firmware . my latest SB 1s build (not yet published to rotorbuilds) with the beta75 pro2 frame comes in at touch over 33grams before adding 450mah battery. I'm using RENY motor screws and direct soldered motors and such to save some weight.

jason.gauruder   Dec 04, 2021  

nice work! I don't fly dji myself, but seeing that 1s using Boost Regulator on dji like I did with the sharkbyte system is cool. I can tell you that I have similar short flight times with my 65mm (31mm prop) system . but with 75mm (40mm prop) using the lightest frame I have (a betafpv beta75 pro 2) I can get consistent 3min15s (up to 3min30s) using 450mah and bt2.0. it is a blast to fly indoors!

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