7" Source One v3 Deadcat Long Range HD Mountain Cruiser ⛰️🦅

By alwaysbless on Oct 11, 2021

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A buddy of mine recently inspired me to get into long range quads and this was my first build. I wanted the best range possible so I went with the the full sized DJI air unit and a TBS diversity nano rx. I liked the idea also of using an AIO FC since it allows me to mount the air unit directly above and keep the center of gravity more towards the front which is important for a deadcat layout. Im toying around w/ the idea of swapping the FC out out for the Lumienier Lux F7 AIO just because it has a built in 9V bec and much bigger motor / vbat pads so I might do another v2 post if / when that happens.

Build Details:

1) 596G Dry (Including Cam/Mount)
2) The Beast 55A FC does not support 6S for the air unit on the DJI port so youll have to use a Bec or youll fry your gear
3) I had to 3D print a 25.5x25.5 to 30x30 adapter for the FC since this frame doesnt support whoop style mounting
4) I used a tactical rubber band to strap the air unit securely to the 3D printed mount
5) 6S 1200-1800mah packs seem to be the sweet spot for freestyle but you can defnitely go heavier or even use li-ion for long range / endurance runs



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Jodie Froster   Oct 13, 2021  

What a looker!!! Great build, I especially like the tactical rubber band that I never knew existed (thanks! :D)
The layout is satisfying from the profile view, all the boards are so minimal, and close to the floor. Hnnnnnnnnnnng
also: not to swell your head too much, but this is the best dead cat mini-quad build i've ever seen and, i've looked at every build that has gone up on this site for at least 5 yrs

alwaysbless   Oct 13, 2021 

Hahah hell yea thanks Im pretty pleased w/ the way it turned out also. I got the rubber bands on amazon just search up 'Skog Bands: Heavy Duty Rubber Bands' they are like 10 bucks for a whole bag of various sizes.

Dan412   Oct 11, 2021  

Nice build! Do you have the 3D prints on Thingiverse?

alwaysbless   Oct 12, 2021 

Just added links for a few. Everything w/ the exception of the rear antenna mounts should be on thingiverse.

Dan412   Oct 12, 2021 


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