BlackOpal 6" HD Ultralight LR / Endurance Flyer (199G / 45m+ Flights) 😲💎

By alwaysbless on Oct 09, 2021

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Remixed a bunch of TPU parts and built myself an HD version of Scott Thomlinsons BlackOpal UL 6" Endurance flyer. This thing is capabale of being sent long range, used to freestyle or flown as an endurance flyer for extended crusing (30m+ easily) using a 4S Li-ion pack. Build details below and maiden footage coming soon.

Build Notes:

1) The Goku HD745 is the only FC Id recommend for an HD verison of this build

2) This frames camera mounts are designed for 14x14 Nano sized cameras and will only fit a 19x19 Micro cam if you use m2 standoffs on the front and 3D print a TPU camera mount for the standoffs. (Personally would recommend to have it cut with M2 holes for front standoffs instead of M3) -- SEE UPDATE #3

3) This frame weighs only 43G -- Its intended to be as light as possible to maximize efficiency and flight times NOT to be crashed a bunch so beware

4) My build uses a naked Caddx Vista but you can fit a cased one too


1) Upgraded to 400mm length lipo strap so that I can double loop the battery. Now it touches bottom plate / ummagrip and has zero movement.

2) 6S 850Mah Lipo pack for freestyle (8+m of ripping) or 4S 18650 Li-ion pack for endurance/long range (50+m of crusing)

3) No longer using the 3D printed mount on the front for the cam. Ive switched over from the 19x19 Nebula Pro to the 14x16 Nebula Pro Nano which allows me to use the stock CF camera cage and still provides really good image quality.

4) Upgraded props to HQ Prop 6x3.5x3 POPO Tri-Blade 6"


Part List



Flight Controller

Flywoo GOKU HD745 EVO 40A AIO Flight Controller


4 x T-Motor F2203.5 1500KV/2850KV/3550KV Motor (7 builds)
See Site


Gemfan Freestyle 6030 Tri-Blade 6" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your ColorMidnight Gray

FPV Camera

Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit 720p/120fps Low Latency HD Digital FPV System (161 builds)
See Site


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx (1484 builds)
See Site

3D Printed

BlackOpal UL6 19X19 Cam Mount (M2) by alwaysbless (2 builds)
See Site

3D Printed

BlackOpal UL6 BN220 GPS Mount by alwaysbless
See Site

3D Printed

BlackOpal UL6 Vista Antenna Mount by alwaysbless
See Site
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yves1984   Nov 01, 2023  

hi there.
i got nearly the same hardware but the flighttime and also the flightcharastistick is realy bad.
f2203.5 1500kv
jhemcu 40A AIO
gps etc

at the moment the rekon 5" frame but flighttime about 5min max with 6S 1300mAh with Gopro on top.

have u also a gopro mount for your frame and did u think i can reach 15min flighttime with this setup and your frame :-).
we can also write pm instead of this tread.

alwaysbless   Nov 01, 2023 

thats battery is way too big. shoukd be using a 6-800mah 6s max. A full sized go pro is also too heavy you need a light weight sub 50g cam.

yves1984   Nov 01, 2023 

so a LiIon will also be too havy?
what Lipo will you recomandace?

will try to do a gopro naked...

austntexan   Nov 24, 2023 

I don't think weight is a problem. I built this frame with 7" props, and flew it with a 3S2P 18650 pack (300g). My motors were T-Motor MN1806 1400kV, roughly the same weight as the 2203.5 1500kV. My longest flight time was 70 minutes. Used an old T-Motor CF 7x2.4.

nouxtywe   Mar 03, 2022  
nouxtywe   Feb 06, 2022  

want to build one :)
its 199g dry, right? could you save some weight out of those prints? id like to make it sub250 :)

alwaysbless   Feb 08, 2022 

if you removed gps and mount you could save some extra weight but i think sub250g w/ battery included will be hard to achieve unlesa you maybe went with smaller

Skyguy   Feb 07, 2022  

Thanks so much for links to STLs. Just printed camera mount and swapped from Polar Nano to Nebula Pro. Much more better, really appreciate your work!

alwaysbless   Feb 08, 2022 

Glad they worked out for you. I have made a small adjustment to cam mount to allow a lower angle so I have a v2 to upload soon

porcha   Dec 04, 2021  

what KV and batteries did you go with? 1500kv? so i assume 6s?

rphelan   Nov 08, 2021  

Great digital conversion! Have you designed a camera mount for a GoPro or Insta360 for this frame?

alwaysbless   Nov 09, 2021 

Its a bit tricky with this frame cause there are only 2 mounting points at the front. I had began to work on something but never really kept going with it once I got this thing up in the air. Ill eventually get it done though because I have a Smo 4K I need to get working on this. Ill add another link once ive had some more time to finish it up

Dukem10   Oct 21, 2021  

Do you have the stls for the parts you printed still?

alwaysbless   Oct 25, 2021 

I do ill have to get em uploaded ill let you know when they are on thingiverse

alwaysbless   Oct 30, 2021 

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