Eaglewings Y-6

By Samw85 on Oct 05, 2021

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As soon as I saw this frame I knew I had to get it:

The frame is the Y-6 by Eaglewings frames. You can get it directly by contacting Ludo via his Facebook page or contact ludovicrizzuto222@gmail.com

On the frame: Really nicely thought through! Came without screws and standoffs though, so you need to source them. luckily, I had enough parts around to just build it. Comes with the TPI parts, also an antenna+GPS mount not on the picture, excluding the gopro mount (but you can get the STL for standard Gopro). The price was fair at EUR 50 - not the cheapest but you gotta support the brave men experimenting in the hobby.

On the stack: The frame is designed for a 16x16 stack + DJI vista. it does barely acomodate a 20x20 stack, choose the ones with the smallest footprint (esp. the ESCs). I barely got my HGLRC stack to fit, but definitely would recommend the 16x16 stacks (either Hex stack with the 6in1 esc, or a normal 16x16 stack with two 4-1 ESCs)

Betaflight configuration: Remapping was a good learning experience (ended up using LED-strip and TX4 as motor outputs 5 & 6 for my particular FC). And once you set the Mixer setting to Y6 (config tab), the rest is pretty straighforward.

The build: From parts selection, to assembling it, soldering (connecting two ESCs, seperate motr signal wires etc) andconfig, this was a super refreshing build after having built all kinds of quads. It kinda felt like going back to early days where you would think, try, kearn and celebrate little successes every step along the way. I went with 1404 motors and 4" blades. I dont want it to be a freestyle powerhouse (you could fit bigger motors with 12x12 mounting like 15xx or 16xx) but also not just a cruiser. Also, I'm on tracer and not planning to do long range with it, but if you want, get a GPS, efficient motors + bi-blades and crossfire or ELRS.

Flight performance: This thing is wild to fly! I'm currently testing different props and lipos, but it looks like 4" tri-blades and 4S 650mAh are my personal sweet spot for light freestyle.

The quad itself is 196g, and with gopro and a 4S 850mAh it's AUW of 366g

Conclusion: I'm super happy with the build, it's a fun and different flight feeling, a cool addition to the fleet and definitely a looker that gets the attention of every local pilot :)



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Ludo13011   Oct 10, 2021  
butcher51   Oct 07, 2021  

Wow looks awesome! :)

Samw85   Oct 07, 2021 

thank you :)

Jodie Froster   Oct 05, 2021  

What a cool build!!

Samw85   Oct 06, 2021 

thank you! :)

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